To TA or not to TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Weegie_Ninja, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. I have recently, unsuccessfully, applied to become an Ammunition Technician in the Regulars. I am currently considering my options and one option is to join the Territorial Army and get my qualifications squared away before applying for a Queen’s Commission.

    I am, unsurprisingly, having trouble deciphering what’s what with the Territorial Army. Hopefully, someone on ARRSE could give me the heads up, I have had a good read on the ARRSEwiki but still have a few questions.

    My local regiment is 254 (General Support) Medical Regiment (Volunteers). I am not from a medical background though, but have been assured by a Captain from the Recruiting Team this will not be a problem. How effective can a civilian be in this role? Also, does anyone have any information they would like to share on this regiment?

    What is the score on restrictions to Man Training Days? I had a read HERE and it seems to differ between units, any ideas on this unit?

    Also, if I were to train as a Combat Medical Assistant, in what role would I deploy? Are there many opportunities to deploy in this role?

    All help gratefully appreciated.
  2. Right one thing, TA quals will not count in reg,
    2 have a back up plan if you dont pass AOSB
    3 dont be a cmt
    4. try rlcta national units at grantham, Ammo techs are not recruiting at the mo but try something else.
    5, mtds, dont worry about that at the mo at your level
    6. good luck
    7. read 1-7 again
  3. 1. I was not aware of that; but it was just to get a general feel for the whole ‘soldiering’ thing anyway.
    2. I learned that lesson with my recent application :oops: .
    3. Any particular reason or is it just wank?
    4. I failed the British Army Recruit Battery for Ammunition Technician so that would be ruled out anyway. Recommend any trades?
    5. OK.
    6. I am not definitely joining; I may enlist in the Regular Army in another trade, but cheers.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. 1. yep
    2. why did you fail, try TA
    3. **** and i understand that the trade is soon to be finished
    4. never mind - try driver, port, maritime,pioneer, egg tosser, chunk, rad op!!
    5. no dramas
    6. try RE
  5. I sat my British Army Recruit Battery and scored fifty-seven. A score of fifty-nine is required for Ammunition Technician.

    So, it is a no go for that trade. I am looking into a few others in the Royal Engineers and Infantry and Territorial Army/ Commission.
  6. you seem undecided what to do. try TA first to see if the army is the right thing to do. give it a year then if you enjoy it try the regs and you should be able to retake the test and get in to AT
  7. I am committed to enlisting; I just do not want to pick a trade, hate it and want to bug out at the first opportunity.

    The Territorial Army is probably my preferred option at the moment; I would like a trade that would allow me a proper insight…
  8. I thought some do. Codes are the same for some TA or Regular courses.
  9. having a depot within good range of you will help heaps (ex 5 pwrr, now disestablished, all depots now houses), good luck mate
  10. 254 are having a RSW on 01/02 - 03/02.

    I wasn't quite sure what trade but they suggested I go along to this and discuss it with them.
  11. Good Luck.

    Which detachment are you looking at joining?
  12. You do realise the standards for the TA? A failure to make the grade for Ammunition Technician doesn't exactly bode well for the assessment at Westbury which is, I assure you, the same for Regular and TA. I'm a little worried you're seeing the TA as an easier option, with lower expectations of intelligence.
  13. I appreciate that the standards are similar, if not the same, for the Territorial Army and the Regulars. So, I am not looking at the Territorial Army as an “Easier option.” Indeed, on my second post on this thread I ruled out applying for Ammunition Technician for this very reason.

    I am sure the Army Officer Selection Board will appreciate that a person can develop and grow intellectually in three years. Actually, re-reading your post, are you saying the standards are the same for the Territorial and Regular Army at Westbury? It is my intention to enlist as an Other Rank in the Territorial Army, get my education squared away, and then apply for a commission in the Regular Army.
  14. You would still need to attend AOSB at Westbury if you were looking to commission from the ranks as a DE.

    The standards between the regs and TA are the same… in theory, however it doesn’t always work out this way.
    For example not every TA unit makes their recruits take the BARB test, and of those that do some units will allow you to do your chosen trade regardless of a BARB fail.

    TA courses tend to be 2 week long versions of reg courses that may take 2 – 6 months to complete.
  15. Am I correct in thinking that, as I do not intent to apply for an Army bursary, I would not sit the Army Officer Selection Board until the end of my studies?