To Snide Or Not To Snide. The Rolex question.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Str8Bloke, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. What's the point in spending money on Bling if no-one short of a specialist jeweller can spot the fake?
    Because wimmin are clever, they wear bling that shouts it's value to the world from 50metres. Unfortunately only pimps and rap stars can wear (or afford) diamond watches.
    I'm not getting the "well, I'd know I'm wearing a snide...." argument. If the snide quality is know so good, that the companies have to use hologram stickers to show difference, I'd know that I'd bought an over priced watch and a shed load of advertising.
    I can't even see them being a good store of wealth, as their value depends on advertising and fashion.
    However, I do like Bond movies and they do look good.
    To snide or not snide, that is the question?
  2. But the organic stuff tastes better, contains more nutrient value and comes wrapped in Real dirt. If the only difference was the price, and a little crown embossed somewhere, I'd eat at the same trough.
  3. I agree - and don't forget that 6 pints of good beer and a couple of packets of decent crisps provides a quality vegetarian diet...

    :D :D :D :D

  4. At least if you buy genuine, the chances are it'll still look the same in 20 years time and not have been binned because the hands have fallen off.
  5. True, and if more of you cheap f*ckers :D started buying organic food the price would go down.

    Never wear a fake watch, never.
    People who know about watches and would be impressed by it can spot a fake at 20 yards. Every other dull cnut who could be fooled wouldn't know what it is anyway, or wouldn't care.
  6. Why not just buy a cheap casio, then donate the money you have saved on not buying a pimp's ghetto bling hub cap of a watch to H4H?

    I'm sure this is probably the best choice, even organic food eaters would be able to stomach that.
  7. Eau contraire there is some inverse snobbery attached to gaving the most gaudy and improbable fake watch going, and telling people how little it cost.

    I have always been in awe of the fake belonging to one of my airmen, who came back from detachment with a "Rolex Perpetual Datajust" that had no date on the face!
  8. The gold Rolex my uncle gave me for my 18th birthday started turning green within 6 months. The way to tell a high quality watch from a fake is the by the second hand. A cheap one ticks, an expensive one 'sweeps'.
  9. Be very careful, mate.

    You may get yourself tagged as a 'watch-walt'. You then run the serious risk of receiving jip from members of the ARRSE community, some of whom may never have owned a watch.
  10. If we are talking snobbery and using pretentious foreign phrases, may I be so pedantic as to point out that it is "au contraire" ("on the contrary") rather than "eau contraire" ("eau" meaning water!).

    Pretending to use French that you don't understand is a bit like pretending to wear a Rolex watch. Either use the genuine thing, or don't. But don't try to pass a fake off as the real thing!
  11. Christ on a moped!
    Your uncle obviously holds you in high regard :D
    For your 21st did he give you a bag of DVDs and a Ciro Citterio t-shirt.

    BTW any automatic 'sweeps', but many expensive watches are quartz and tick.
  12. Not that old chestnut. I would suspect that the copiers have catered for this by now.
  13. But he swore he bought it at a genuine Rolex dealer in a backstreet Thai market!

    Cheers for the update on the Tick V Sweep business, ignore my previous 'advice'!
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    There is one guaranteed way to check if a Rolex is genuine.

    Take it in to a Rolex approved repairer and they will check the serial number on the watch and the bracelet. If they are both genuine, they will smile sweetly and remove GBP250 from your wallet just to take the back off it for a basic service.

    If it is not, they do not smile sweetly, and your watch disappears the way of the crusher.

    Oh - there is one other way of checking that is cheaper. If it is an accurate timekeeper, it is almost certainly a fake. If it gains/loses 5 mins per month, it is the real deal!