To shave or not to shave?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wildcard.rgbw, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. I personally love a clean shaven pussy, but do you guys not feel hygienic, in shaving your own bollocks and arm hair and bum?
  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Your getting fcuking annoying now.
  3. Nothing quite like a shorn scrotum - its breathtaking, you should try it (Dr Evil),

    But very true :hump:
  4. I take it you do at least? Feels great!
  5. Surely eyebrows too? Oh and don't forget the palms of your hands.
  6. I with the wife would sort out her lady garden. With summer she might make the effort because on the beach (urrghh) its nothing short of embarrasing.

    Maybe I would turn them into a bag of marbles but it sends an odd message to the wife, her being nearly as hairy as me, that is...
  7. Never mind that bollox Poacher, but is that the emblem of sSS Pz Abt 101 in your avatar? If it is, I thought the keys were the other way up, or is it another unit?
  8. i love to shave my balls its fun to get the girl friend to shave mine to
  9. Bloody hell David - I never had you down as a goat-riding-one-leg-of-your-trousers-tied-up-weird-handshake-get-off-speeding-tickets-and-any-other-crime-cos-you-tickle-the-palm-of-the-copper type of bloke.
  10. One of my ex boyfriends used to love shaving me, good job he made too.

    Spelling fixed lol
  11. good job you mate too.
  12. Let's face it, fellas, there's nothing like plunging into the mixed whiff of ripe fanny and piss, is there? It's what it's all about! Who wants to really muff-dive into a Californian medicated minge?

  13. Not at all, old boy, not at all.... just a run of the mill history geek / neo-Nazi! :lol:
  14. I did have one girl friend - a looooooonnnnnng time ago - who liked me shaving her legs. Then she would put the webbing on. Great stuff - there is another thread about this.

    Gurls, if you want it doing properly then get a bloke to do it. As for me, i'll stay as nature intended. All manly, like.
  15. Almost the same thing!!