To shave or not to shave?..beret, not my dangle berries

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dirk_digler, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. looking for some advice on beret shaping, shaving, shinking etc

    Currently my beret resembles a fuzzy landing pad. Iv'e tried to alternate between hot and cold water but it hasn't got too much smaller. shaved it but its still a bit hairy.

    not a wah. any advice greatly appreciated

  2. Did you shave it with a spoon? =P

    Get a cheapy disposable razor and go to town, but carefully.
    If it's that big, is it the correct size for your head?

    Edited to add far better advice- Get someone at your unit to show you after a parade night. Take two large bowls with you and shape it with someone that knows how, then on the way back home you can wear it in the car to keep the shape. When you get home you can put it on top of a football in the airing cupboard to dry.

  3. Give it a quick once over with a razor but dont keep doing it, just an accident waiting to happen and you'll get billed for it as one of the pik lid wearers found out when it went a much lighter shade of blossom.

    As for shaping keep at it and you'll get it right in the end
  4. Don't shave it for christ's sake !!!!! the fluff only grows back thicker

  5. ok, used the razor, but how much to whip off? it is looking better though. Put it in near boiling water for a little while and it has shrunk good and proper.cheers for the advice guys. exactly what Arrse is for I guess.
  6. Asking bone questions? :roll:
  7. I bet the search button feels utterly neglected :cry:
  8. If you want to look smart there is no substitute for splashing out £20 odd for a small crown beret. Dont be such tight fisted git, go out and buy one.
  9. Why do people recommend these after-market berets?? The issue ones are spot on if shaped/shrunk properly.

    Save the £20 for beer.
  10. did the search.plenty on shaping but not a great deal on shaving.
  11. What is there to know about shaving? You shave the fluff off. Job done.

    I personally used to shave it over and over so it was pretty much thread bare.
  12. If a Recruit was to do this, would I likely get faaaar too well aquainted with the SSM's stick?
  13. Don't do anything in basic training to single yourself out.