"To Serve And Protect"

Discussion in 'US' started by Yank_Lurker, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Fills your heart with pride, seeing a cop pointing a pump shotgun in the face of a 16 year old they yanked out of a car with no probable cause.
  2. And the fact they had no 'Probable Cause' looks like the 'get out of jail card' for the perp!
  3. I so wish I was a Colorado lawyer! I could get rich on this one.

    The large number of people detained and searched dilutes any claim of probable cause to search the robber.
  4. Wow, plod bashing goes transatlantic....whatever next? ;)
  5. Not a plod basher. At one point in my career I was legal counsel for a police department. Like any group there are some who screw up and need discipline/termination. Some I defended from lawsuits, some I had to get hearings to fire them. I had one guy who had 4 separate suits in federal court for excessive force. (happily, when he got convicted of indecent assault we fired him)

    There are good and bad in any occupation but most cops are pretty good guys.

    Having read the information above I am glad I don't work for the Colorado department.
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  6. And what would you have done to separate the armed perpetrator from the innocent; used harsh language?

    You have a large number of occupied cars one of which contains an armed robber who can't be identified?

    People who whine at this are the reason two WPCs were murdered in Manchester last week.
  7. I do believe there was a certain incident in the states where a police officer doing a traffic stop was gunned down by a Vietnam vet and it was recorded by the vehicles camera, it is not pleasant to hear and I imagine most officers would sooner look like a bit of a **** then wind up like that.
  8. True but continuing to point shotguns in the faces of women and Kids you know are unarmed is a bit much. once you've cleared the car and made sure they arent armed you dont need to treat them like criminals. You get them away from the vehicles to a Holding point while you narrow down the vehicles.
  9. And you were able to identify the gunman through his mask?

    As innocents of course you're right. But until he's found I would suggest they are all contained until the threat has been removed.
  10. View attachment 91915

    There's a School Teacher, a Gunman and a Suicide Bomber in this shot. Oh and the rest are innocent bystanders.
    Which one is which?
  11. SO you think the gunman was a 4 year old? or a woman with 2 small children? hell why not kneecap them all to makes sure none run away till you can figure it out.
  12. And none of them are Americans in America. We aren't known for Suicide Bombers Det Friday
  13. That's impressive thinking; if you ever feel like emigrating there's a job at the Met with your name on it.
  14. No way on earth a mother with a 4 year old would rob a bank at gunpoint!!!! What a stupid idea even mentioning it.

    Here we go again with the anti police lobby just this time being fronted by an ex legal rep. So tell me the last time you faced an armed bank robber how did you deal with it??? Maybe you could pass on the benefit of your front line skills to the boys in blue. I'm sure they would be overjoyed with the help.