To save time - Chubbs new user name

LancePrivateJones said:
I got a PM from her the other day when she was still 'Ration'.

She asked me to keep it confidential.

Would anybody like to see it?
I don't think you've got the bollox to post it to be honest. :roll:


The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Really doesn't make any difference who you used to post as to be honest. You're a cock as the current one.

If you shag a fat munter expect her to go a bit mental on you, life lesson nr. 1. don't complain if she stalks you.
You sound like an authority on the subject?
Of course, but I had the foresight not to document it to the same level you have.


Book Reviewer
Command_doh said:
LancePrivateJones said:
Would anybody like to see it?

Not really, she's boring as fcuk.
Well I'm going to post it anyway.

Posted : Tue Mar 10, 2009 3:43pm.
From : Ration
To : LancePrivateJones

actually i dont stalk lfh i was drunk one night and had a tattoo put on my rear end with his nickname on it dont ask me why at the time i thought he was a great father figure.
BTW please dont tell everyone.

Message ends.

I wonder if she has her real father's name tattooed on her buttocks as well.
Funny lot the Welsh.

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