To rob or not to rob?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Big_Rob, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. See you chaps in 5 years, i'v spent my wages on whores and alcohol. so my next stop is jumping over the counter robbing some vodka and fags.. surely they wont recognise me in a balaclava.
  2. There you go :)
  3. Yeah, thing is i'v probably got more authority than you ever had. Dick.
  4. Don't know about authority, but he's probably had more dick than you.
  5. That wouldnt suprise me.

    bore off jarrod.
  6. Big_Rod, you were bemoaning the lack of proper NAAFI Bar action on another thread and here you are whining when someone picks on you. And twice you've instantly flashed, which marks you out as a bit of a throbber, innit.
  7. ell oh ell. Crash pull the other one its got bells on it.
  8. There we go, relax, feels much better now doesn't it?
  9. Oh, I do hope so :D
  10. Sometimes I wonder if this navynet, you do gooders make me sick.
  11. Why would someone with such authority even consider robbing a corner shop?
    Are you actually a Lollipop Lady from Manchester? maybe a dining room monitor at a primary school? a trolley collector at Aldi's? or do you collect the empty glasses at Witherspoons?
  12. Knobber. you obviously do no wrong.

    Go back to the stores you jumper handing cunt.
  13. Classroom assistant?

    Could you amend the thread title to read "To throb or not to throb" as you are undoubtedly this weeks biggest throbber.
  14. Cunt, go help your disabled wife up the step.