to ring or not to ring [ TA ]

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by spudmuncher, May 29, 2010.

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  1. hi , i am new here and i would like some help with a question, i was to do my adsc in february, but it was cancelled as anyone living in the south of ireland had to have a uk address, i have a house on the mainland so getting proff of address for my Captain was not a problem, i am still waiting for an answer , i rang my captain a few weeks ago and he said he is fighting my corner, do i just sit back and wait or should i ring , i just want to start training to be a soldier .

    thanks in advance
  2. I'd chase them up. Not so often as to get classed as a pain in athe backside, but often enough not to get forgotten about !
  3. i was ringing around the 4 week mark but as you said i dont want to piss the Captain off ,
  4. You could just ring up & politely ask if there's anything "you" could do to speed things up on your end?
  5. By the captain I'm assuming you mean the PASO mate. Just give him a bell just as long as you explain you're pretty keen, hence the following up, I'm sure he/she will be ok with it. Better that than let them forget you (which happens).

    Good luck.
  6. hi, i am back again looking for yer advice, i rang my Captain last tuesday and he said he would ring me in half an hour , its now friday and no word, also is it ok for a civilian to call, the Captain , Sir, also is it normal to wait soo long for TA adsc ,

    thanks for any advice ye can give me
  7. Sounds like typical TA stuff to me. Keep ringing, dont hold back, get it sorted. Call him sir if you wish.
  8. has any of ye had the same problem trying to join the TA, all i want to do is just get on with army training and hopefully get deployed , but my word what a hard time i am having trying to do that. And THANKS for all yer answers they have been very helpful
  9. Theres a saying in the Army, something along the lines of.....


    Get used to it, waiting is the no.1 activity in the forces :D

    I had my to wait approx another week or 2 before I get word back.

    Also I'm waiting for the HR department to get its finger out its arrse and do me a employeers reference....

    So you not the only one twidling your thumbs 'waiting' for something to happen :meditate:
  10. even though i have been waiting since february for my new adsc date, i should just settle my head and be patient and ring every month just to see how things are going and in that time get my self very fit :oops:
  11. Do you live near the place at the moment? You could go down there on training night? This sort of stuff happens alot, when I joined they lost all my medical documents for example. If you can get down there I reckon it will help but yes, you might have to be patient.
  12. Very good advice from Lucille and Mr D. Definitely go down there on their Training Night.
  13. thanks for yer advice , i will go to see the Captain in person, and maybe a sleeping bag to sleep outside the barracks gate until i get a training date :)
  14. sadly for me the TA said i cant join as i have not been living in the uk full time for 5 years, even though i done my , barb, medical and got my security clearance, and all that ttraining i put in to make sure i got through selection, but is it going to stop me , hell no , i am applying for RAF reserves now , but i would just like to say THANK YOU for all yer advice and i wish ye all good luck ,
  15. How kind of you Spudmuncher. I wish you the best of luck too.