To quote Wogan "Is it me...?"

Britain's most convicted motorist has been jailed for driving while banned for the 48th time.

***** *******, 33, from Swindon, has been disqualified from driving each year since 1988, when he was 15.

...and the tw*t got just 5 months (which means more like 6 weeks in a open prison)..and apparently - according to his brief- "he is a likeable idiot, really" - WTF???

Although the throwaway line

he ran over a 12-year-old cyclist as he drove a robbery getaway car.
did make me smile for some reason...


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Reckon some kind of aversion therapy is needed....Suggestions?
Cut his achilles tendons - then he won't be able to drive and as a bonus unable to walk.......... His wheelchair would then be a much easier target for all of the other car thieves and banned idiot drivers..
Morty said:
Pool party at Barrymore's gaff.

Is that slander?
Yes and funny as f**k, can never understand why micheal didn't use a rubber ring - dame my dyslexia!!!
how come sylexicsacs can always spell dyslexia???

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