To Polish or not to polish (Chaseport fire irons/WW1 trench art)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by swampypants, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Hello fellow gun nuts,

    I have just bought in an antique shop in Dublin, a piece of (in my opinion) WW1 trench art. Please see attached pictures. When I sober up, I will post better piccys.

    My question to you lads is:

    Shall I scoth bright the blades and polish the brass, or leave them in their currunt condition.

    The bayonettes are aged between 1876 to 1878, all inscripted. As I say, the Chaseport bayonet has stacks of history, many were converted by the frogs and the Germans for use with the more modern rifles used during WW1.

    I personally feel that I would lke to shine the blades up, but at the same time I do not wish to **** up historical bits of kit.

    Goddamn it, how to I post ******* pictures here??!! Copy and paste doesn't work.....!! Not a joke, how do I put pictures on here?I would love you to see them. Again, not a joke!! Please tell me how to post pictures on here.
  2. Depends how you're using the site. Try advanced options
  3. Try using one of the picture hosting sites. **** knows what there called but you know what I mean. Always interested in bits of history.
  4. Swampypants -

    At the top of the "reply" thing there is a panel with two globe things, a picture, and film and quote. Click on the picture and browse to the file on your computer, select and then click "upload"

    Good luck

    PS Pictures cannot be too large.
  5. Thanks for the help guys. but, I've tried the reply button thing and I dont see any globes or an option to put a link in.

    Im sure I never had this problem before.

    this is really ******* frustrating....
  6. ImageUploadedByARRSE1348533533.129512.jpg
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  7. Thanks lads, standby, I think I have it worked out, piccys coming soon, just give me a few minutes. Cheers
  8. Ok, I've found the right page, I click upload and nothing happens.......
  9. Oh **** it, im going to bed, I will try again in the morning. Goodnight all, thanks for your help. I will get an IT expert or a 2 year old to sort it out for me tomorrow.

    Catch you in the morrow,

    G'night all
  10. Use Vinegar to brighten the steel and 0000 bronze wool
  11. Swampypants -

    As to pictures what you describe is what happens when you attempt to upload a pic that is too big.

    Any of your picture software should be able to save it with less bytes.

    I am lazy and just post to one of my facebook albums and then copy and save the pic when it comes up in facebook.

    Hold off on polishing until you are sure. Back when I was married the wife polished and old brass lamp and ruined it.
  12. That is the biggest weasel I have ever seen.

    Is that what happens when you feed them eggs?
  13. Yeah sneaky buggers.
  14. I would've thought that Jarrod's pet would be an ermine at least, not a scruffy old giant weasel.
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