To MSc or not to MSc

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by subbsonic, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. More ex members of the Corps without security and risk related MScs earn over £100K per year

  2. More ex members of the Corps with security and risk related MScs, earn over £100K per year

  3. I am using my SLCs at RADA / St Martins darling , Art is its own reward

  4. I stand by Captain Padraig al Caubeen and will NEVER leave ther service of the Crown!!

  1. Down in the Marsh some of the levellers have been muttering into their pints of Abbot ale about the MSc thread.

    We have a mixture of those serving and empty cases around here, I thought I would drop in a quick poll before I go back to help them with the Lambing.

    Please vote to indicate you agree with the statement that is closest to your view.

    If you have difficulty understanding the questions, ask your RCMO
  2. I voted for your third choice. I have no idea what it means.
  3. Didn't think even the Int Corps had bods bent enough, errrr, sorry, 'artistic' enough for RADA/St Martin's College...
  4. Goldsmith's, darling, or at the very least, the Slade. St Martin's is such a swamp full of Northerners.
  5. i guessed the top one. but maybe i'm just hoping... :)
  6. Sod that, I want to be a Chelsea Pensioner.
  7. ..and will NEVER leave the serviceof the Crown

    In the still evening distance Padraig could faintly hear the distant drumming of hooves. Wait ! was it a Grey? a Palamino? Too heavy and slow, for an Arab.
    The steady beat of a heavy chestnut drew closer, Padraig knew that unrestrained by its usual St Johns Wood fetters, his trusty retainer and general factotum, DigitalGeek would be at his side in but few minutes.
  8. Sorry mate, I'm a linguist. I dream of the day the Corps decides to even consider civvy quals for the 4 years of language training I've done.
  9. No need for an MSc here, with my management credentials, I know that I will be able to walk into a high-rolling DFID job, such as Chief Secretary of the Crown Dependency of St Helena any time I like :!:

  10. You would be lucky to qualify for the Yang-di-perutans bottom wiper, you pretentious faggot!
  11. He is probably on about this bloke Clicky although the chances of adasstra reaching the dizzy heights of a 1 star are pretty much nil. A few that have served at Brampton might remember Mr Hallam.........
  12. I think you might be right, Hallam, the FORMER Chief Secretary of St Helena. Adastra would appear to be displaying similar character traits, you don't also wear tailored shirts and talk to people through your handkerchief.

    Before you start Perevodchik, the point is, Adastra is a cock, not too dissimilar to you.
  13. Sorry being just a thicky I don't understand the question.
  14. Alas, the sorry pack mule which served as my mount for many a year succumed to equine encephalitis and had to be shot. DG now follows Padraig on foot, dressed as Chief Superintendent Harry "Snapper" Organs of the Yard.