TO MOD's and ADMIN(Important)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Afghan_Kandak, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Can the MOD's and Admin kindly remove these fake profiles/members who pose as me, its clearly a campaign to defame me off this forum by the usual cyber hard men gangsters who roam on this forum.

    Its very obvious, these individuals, are trying to silence my views, and by doing so, they want to rally members on here into a cyber lynch mob, to get me banned, I hope the MOD's and Admin take this concern of mine into consideration, and ban those IP addresses of the members who are posing as me.

    I have hardly came on the forum for the past few weeks, but the minute I start posting, Trolls start trolling.

    Kind Regards

    Afghan Kandak.
  2. I'm Afghan Kandak !
  3. So is my wife
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  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

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  5. The OP ought to have been banned weeks ago. It would be just about tolerable in some bits, but it has spread its drivel all over the serious bit too. Kill it.
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  6. I can't read it, so let me guess - he's whinging about punters taking the piss, correct?
  7. This message is hidden because Afghan_Kandak is on your ignore list.

    Works for me!
  8. are you dead yet?
  9. And why is this flagged as Important?
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  10. How can you defame somebody with AK's reputation? I believe the technical term is 'no reputation to lose': "they are so badly thought of that nothing you could now say about them would make anyone think any worse of them"

    Suits you, Sir (and your little goat too!) Never mind - you know you're looking forward to tomorrow.
  11. Well fucking hell, the troling cunt has been trolled by someone else and runs crying to the mods.
    Important? You must be more fucking deluded than anyone here thought if you think that you're important enough to be worthy of anything other than disdain. It's an online forum you knobber, get some perspective.
  12. I like AK.....sometimes he's genuinely funny.
  13. I heaw he wanks as high as anyone in wome.
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  14. vanish gupta
  15. It was a magical sight for me too. As with Bugsy, Jim Shortt and so many others, AK's meaningless drivel proves only that all men were born equal, but some more equal than others.