To locate a French film?

Can you help? In the late 70's or very early 80's I remember a short 20 minute French film with subtitles on mainstrean TV. Let me explain the film:

Set in a French town in broad daylight a chap walks into a public phone box to make a call. When trying to leave the box he cannot open the door. Soon a crowd gathers round and several people try but fail to open the door from outside. He is shouting out to them but they can't hear him.

Hours go by when suddenly a flatbed van pulls up and two men get out, say nothing, push through the crowd, place poles through holes in the base of the phone box, lift it onto the flatbed and drive away with the man still trapped inside.

The van drives for miles though the suburbs and country side until reaching a seclusive building where the van reverses in, the two men unload the phone box onto the ground at which point we discover he has been put alongside a warehouse full of hundreds of other similar phone boxes, each of which has a trapped skeleton inside! The end.

Did anyone else see this? I would like to find out more about the film. It's a simple film that has you wondering all along then at the end it suddenly becomes a curious thriller leaving you shocked.

Its called La Cabina..

La Cabina thread

Google is our friend :D

You can watch it on Youtube in 4 parts as well
I saw that years ago - rather enjoyed it as well.


I typed in '£30,000 University education' :D

ok I typed in 'Telephone box, trapped man, French film'
I've just watched all four parts for the first time in probabaly 30 years and am surprised I remembered so much!

I recommend anyone reading this thread to check out the film, though I'm sorry for spoiling it by explaining the plot in my opener!

It plays on the mind AFTERWARDS and is evil at so many levels but you just don't know it for the first 28 minutes of the 30 minute film. You ask yourself so many 'whys' and 'what if's' and put yourself in his pitiful situation.

Check out the short modern advert on Youtube as well in relation to this short 1972 film. The advert is both extremely brilliant and extremely clever as far as marketing goes and incredibly in some small way gives closure and relief if you have seen the original film.

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