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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by signals, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. hey, ive had some problems with my medical report which is all sorted now though, however it really held my application up, i havent gone to glencourse yet but my careers office are talking about getting me to lichfield for the january '07 intake, is it just me or does anyone else think, i wont be going then?
  2. It can be done. Depends what you have done so far in the process. Did they make you wait for the medical answer or have you done BARB and the 2 interviews at the careers office. What role are you after?
  3. well ive done my BARB but im waiting on my medical answer, and then im starting my interviews i think, im going for communication systems operator , do you think its possible to get my interviews done within a week and then go o glencousethe following week? i know its a long shot thanks fro repying
  4. It is possible, timeing is tight as you know but still possible depending when possible RSC dates are
  5. It would be very tight, depends on the office and how busy they are. It is not longer RSC, now called ADSC. They should have places in that role open in Jan.
  6. ADSC? Army D.....? Selection Centre?

    Why change the name of everything all the time, just adds irritation
  7. Army Development and Selection Centre, I think.
  8. No sh1t? Because we cant select or train any more. Its called development.
  9. I think they pay a civil servant a couple of hundred thousand to sit at home and think of new names. It makes no difference that it now costs us thousands to reprint all the publications.
  10. I heard Lichfield was shutting and moving to Pirbright, cos Lichfield is being turned into a Mil Hospital. That was from the Sigs SSM there
  11. I heard the same, but i didn't get the Hospital thing. I was told they were simply cutting costs by reducing the number of ADSC's. I think it's brilliant that they're getting another mil hospital, nice to know the gov. is still thinking about the troops sometimes.