"To Kill A King"

Just yesterday caught "To Kill A King", with Tim Roth playing Oliver Cromwell. Film deals with the various politicking and corruption of Parliament after the English Civil War, and the growing hostility between Cromwell and Fairfax. I thought it wasn't terribly bad, anyone else see it, and able to comment on its historical accuracy?
Never heard of it but thanks for posting. Will be one on my to watch list. I admire Cromwell even though he was an utter killjoy.

In fact, just read the reviews on Amazon and will be giving this one a miss.
Nope. I've only seen the one Richard Harris made. I don't know how accurate that one was, but it had Alec Guiness in it playing Charles the First.
I will say I was a smidge disappointed that the movie starts just as the war is ending. Wouldn't have minded seeing a bit of pike and musket action. ;)

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