To Kidnap a Princess

To Kidnap a Princess

Anyone watch this? What a fookup! How times have changed since those carefree days. Did, as a matter of interest, Foggy Phillips do anything to help? In the film/drama he just appeared to sit there and do nothing. Perhaps that’s why she gave him the Big E?

Well done to all those who did. I bet the whole drama must be re-played time and time again as, “How Not to save a Princess” to all would be CP Operatives (is that the correct terminology)? :wink:
I saw it, a relative was in it and so I'd been waiting for a couple of years for it to appear - it was dropped from a major pre-Christmas slot, and I can see why. Full of flashbacks, flashbacks within flashbacks, dodgy camera angles, miscasting etc.

The accounts I've previously seen (at the time and since) had Fog playing it cool - as per instructions - also holding door shut and leaning across to obstruct Ball's view of HRH.

Ball shot everyone who moved toward him, and another casualty who had no chance of changing things wouldn't have helped. Was he also counting shots?. If so, he must have been hacked off when te second gun was produced.

IIRC, two of the heroes died a month or two apart last year (Personal Protection and Journo?).

Mr Happy

I caught five minutes of it and thought it was fictional. I don't recall the event at all. Anyone got a link to something I can read on it?
Amazingly enough the Royal Signals where doing public duties that night! I had been "selected" for it because I was quite tall and did not have a spotty face after doing basic training @ catterick. (criteria that I assume has gone by the board in these PC days?) What a palaver it was. Everybody running around issuing weapons but not rounds as I remember? anyone else have memories of the occasion?

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