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Hi I am ex-RAMC, and am building a house in Norfolk that will take 10pax +cots. It will be ready in mid 2010 and will have an accessible downstairs with ground floor double bed room, with lots of other accommodation in the house. it is by a lake and they offer wake boarding and water skiing, as well as fishing and jet bikes. its about 8 miles from the Colonel In Chiefs House at Sandringham . I am happy to provide the house for 3 saparate weeks in June and September for minimal costs (ie what it costs us in land charge, cleaning, rates water, elecric

We have some beautiful lakeside lodges and would like to donate some breaks to injured soldiers and or their families. We are based in Anglesey North Wales. The lodges are 2 and three bedrooms and have hottubs.

I am a serving pilot with 99 Sqn involved in many of the medevacs from theatre. I am currently on holiday with my family in Spain and noticed that an apartment in our block is for sale that has been converted for wheel chair use. I thought it would make a great facility for many of the disabled troops and their families. I realise that your organisation is not involved in purchasing properties but are you aware of any charities or organisations that purchase such properties for the benefit of injured personnel? Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, my wife and I own a timeshare week at Hilton Craigendarroch which we can't use this coming January. We have given first refusal to Headley Court. They believe it may be tricky for them to find a service family to take up our offer due to quick patient turnover. Might suit someone returning from Helmand in need of a family holiday.
If Headley Court can't help would you guys be able to find a family to use it?
What we're offering is use of a 3 bed (sleeps 8) lodge with use of leisure facilities (including disabled access). Available approx last week Jan 2010.
Appreciate an email either if you could/can't help.

Could you please send me some info on your fundraising and website, I am a serving WO2 and am interested in helping with some fund raising, I am currently serving in Iraq (Yes we are still here!).



Good news, having a cack night at work and seeing generous offers like these brightens up the doom and gloom in here.

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