to join or not to join?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Proper_Gander, Oct 2, 2006.

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  1. yes yes, it's another retard asking serving soldiers over the internet.

    but let me elaborate, i'll start with telling you about my situation.

    i'm 21 and was born and raised in Basel (you know, the city with the team that gave Liverpool a hard time in the CL a couple years ago, meh!), so being the son of wretched ex-pats is the main reason i turn to you. recruitment videos my arrse, the officials will always tell me that the army is "so much fun".

    i have finished my apprenticeship as draftsman about 2 months ago and am continueing to work until the end of the year to get some money in for backpacking in australia for as long as the yankie dollar (or would that be the ozzy dollar?) agrees with me.

    the question however is, what do i do after that?
    i'm sick of my job already and i really don't see myself rotting away in an office in general. and i see no great alternative to what i'm doing now, since i was a lazy bastard i don't really have many options, staying in a branch i'm sick of isn't a pleasant thought, neither is studying until i'm 30, especially since i don't know what to do and may just end up with another job i'm tired of before too long. my bosses (yes, i have more than 1) can advise me to become an engineer all they like, tis of no interest to me.

    SOOOO, i've been considering joining HM forces for a while now. haven't spoken to many people about it as there's no way 'normal' people would understand it. some are confused because i really don't aggree with the governments policies in many ways, but if i was a serving soldier and was sent out to fight a war i find unnecessary, i'd do it as it's my job, and i'd try to do a damn good job and make the best of it.
    others suggest i become a swiss national and join the swiss forces because it's less dangerous.
    no thanks my darling, i don't have a mere fetish for uniforms and guns, not at all. it's a matter of pride and national identity, i'm british through and through. (and no, i don't have a swiss accent in case you wonder)

    why do i consider joining?
    i can't focus on my job because it all seems to trivial and unimportant in the office. i don't think i'd have those concerns in the field, and in training i'd clearly be focused on my personal progress and development too.

    i would like to face the challenge, mentally and physically, to put it bluntly. being the sort of guy who likes to put himself trough the sh1t, being somebody who doesn't complain and whinge when being pushed to his limits in anyway, and being a calm person who takes a lot of sh1t before getting distressed, i'd probably be relatively suitable. (though parades would definitely be the thing i really wouldn't like to bother with!)

    infantry is definitely what i would go to, and feck the RN or RAF, the army is where i'd belong. but which regiment would be best? they mostly recruit locally don't they? because i doubt somehow that there's a Baseler regiment, correct me if i'm wrong. heh
    i seem to have quite a strong attraction to the Para's (oh no, another one of those, ey?) despire that sh1t they've been through in the field lately. but i'm a modest sort of guy and am honest to myself, so i consider the fact that i might not be good enough/tough enough to manage that.

    anyway, the reason why i'm making this thread is that i live in central europe, and reasonable info of army life in britain is sparse, i won't turn to anything official because they'll end up telling me how fun and beneficial it is, bla bla bla

    i'd be glad to get any info, no matter how trivial it is, from anybody here.
    please try and put yourself into my position, imagine you've been on a gap year, have little money, if any, left and want to sign up for the army. how long would i have to wait before basic training starts? (i'd no enough people in london to accomodate me until then, i'd probably have to find a temp job too since it could be a couple months, ey?)

    errrrr, anyway, i'm tired and better go to bed. but i probably haven't left you with anything to comment on, except for "farck orf".

    simply put, what can i expect?

    so, let the pisstake commence

    *doesn't proofread*

  2. BullSh1t!!!
  3. I take it you've been away for a long time!!
    There is no such thing anymore, haven't you heard, pride and national identity were outlawed many moons ago.
    Unless your muslim of course!!!
  5. On a serious note (though agree about being roggered up the backsie regarding our proud British identity), you're a draughtsman and someone suggested Engineer which you declined? I assume draughtman is no longer one sitting at a poorly lit desk, penciling your finger to the bone but instead all computer generated (CAD)? Have you considered Royal Engineers Military Survey? Hnd's and other civilian qual's to be gained along the way during your extensive training period and a Corps with a proud tradition. PM me for further.
  6. (though parades would definitely be the thing i really wouldn't like to bother with!) Oh well do make sure that on arrival to Bn of whatever Regiment it is you choose,be sure to ask to see the RSM so you can let him know this,they are generally very understanding about such issue's as long as you give them enough Notice... :mrgreen:
  7. Join the Swiss army, they have nice guns.
  8. Five years in the FFL for you my lad, a short enough time to not interfere with the rest of your life, but nowhere else will five years of your time get you as much attention from the female of the species and prospective employers.
    Good luck!
  9. didn't realise my bestiality/scat fetish was such a give away.
    i was however hoping for CowSh1t, more to my personal taste.

    no worries, many people think that way, it's time these sensible people got together to form a reasonable political party. i'll make a start after my military carreer. (IF i really join the forces)

    i HAVE thought about it, and the prospect of blowing things up is quite attractive, though building bridges and defusing landmines doesn't get me too excited.
    i admit i only tooka short glimps. i'm gladly take in any good info mate, cheers!

    i assume you want to get me into trouble?

    the swiss keep going on about how great their rifle is. it's apparently the best rifle in the world, funny that nobody else uses it though?

    sounds intruiging... i'll check it out when i'm on the run after a failed attempt of bank robbery.
  10. Building bridges, defusing landmines, blowing things up (landmines if you don't defuse correctly!) and all the other wonderful things are not the mainstay of Mil Svy. Sure, you'll get to do all that stuff during training etc. but Mil Svy is not mainstream RE, it's very trade orientated. The only bridges you're likely to build in Svy is quals and contacts for a civvy life when you one day leave.
  11. As your qualification is technical you might find the Infantry does not stretch you enough. I know most people will mention the RE but you might find that you are well suited to them. After a few years service you might even be able to go for a commission or even become a Clerk of Works
  12. i don't know if i would be THAT well suited for them. just about any halfwit could do my job IMHO.

    come to think of it, i'm fluent in german, to such an extent that people don't hear that i'm in fact british, anyway i could use that in the army?
  13. If you are posted to Germany it would be a great asset - but to be of value in intelligence you would need arabic, farsi, mandarin, serbo-croat, russian, etc.
  14. just as i had thought, so of no use really, unless germany and britain do joint operations. heh