To join or not to join? RMP Advice


I have had a long look through the hundreds of comments on this site in regards to the RMP and still dont have a clue whether or not its a decent option or not! On one hand, it seems they are absolutley hated and will get a 'kickin' at every chance tied with wading through a load of shi*e for no reason. But on the other, it appears to be an interesting job with some good career options, with SOME decent people in there.

I am looking for a job that interests me, which RMP does, has prospects, pays well, and has good camaraderie (spelling?). I am ready to work hard, stay quiet through the sh*t and not be a complete t*t to everyone, in a way I want to earn respect for being a fair/decent guy not think because I (maybe) have a re cap on I rule. Can you guys please offer your honest advice, I am in the process of getting my med forms and security forms checked, and really would appreciate a clearer picture on this?

FYI: My three options are in pref order (at mo anyway) :1: RMP, 2:Spec op 3:Int Op.

Advice is much appreciated.
Clint, It's a good job, not the job I joined "back in the day" but a good job nonetheless. It's hard work and you need to be able to work under pressure, and also be willing to put in a bit more than a shift to get on top of the work you will be expected to do (particularly in Germany).
You will get the shaft at times, everyone in the army does at some time or another, on the flip side of the coin you will have some great times as well. There are some good prospects for a career, and if you work hard then the rewards will come.
Don't be afraid to get people looking away from the Red Cap and looking at the person underneath it, and be aware that you are on show all the time. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do, but for my two pennorth the RMP is a good job with great prospects.

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