to hire or not to hire?


Off boarding at the end of next month. I have my own board but:
1) it needs alot of TLC before i'd ride it again
2) the binding points are on their way out and it might not last the week

I wouldn't mind too much if we were flying as not much humping around, but we are doing the snow train from London and I live oop north. I want to raise my game a little and have been told a longer board would be better in powder than my current one. Is it worth hiring a board there or are the hire boards not as good? is it worth spending on a new board? any advice would be appreciated

Have a look at ski warehouse they have some good deals on boards. Use it then sell it once you come back should off set what you would pay in hire charges.

I was on the dry ski slope last week trying out a pair of ski's I'd bought from the shop above got them for £99 inc bindings. I got talking to one of the instructors and he was sayying that he's hired a pair for his daughter at the resort were he's off to £80 for the week! could have bought a set like mines sold them on return and it would still have cost less than the hire charge.


I don't know how your boots/bindings are, if you have a fairly top notch set of those, just hire the board itself. Most places will offer different levels of equipment hire depending on your ability and the ammount you want to pay, getting this years gucci board will normally cost you a extra 10 or 20 quid over last years.

The board is the part that gets kicked in, the boots and binding should last years. Boots and binding are also the most important "personal" part (like ski-boots), get a good set of them and you can strap on any of board and be fine.

I have my own setup, but I did a 4 month season on the slopes, wouldn't buy a new board unless was doing another long period. To get a decent board you would have to spend a hell of a lot more than the £80 for a weeks rental, and a year or two down the line you would want to replace it anyway.


Cheers guys for the sound advice. I'll try and squeeze one last season out of my board but will look at ski warehouse as well. I just didn't want to get to the resort and find that the hire boards were not particularly good. Happy ski/snowboarding to all those off out this season :)


While yr out wherever you are going check out any shops selling boards to see if they are selling off last season boards and if they are getting shot of any ex rentals, check them for major rail damage, do they still hold there arch and are the binding mounts intact, if so buy one!
last season boards can often be picked up cheap and are the best buy available. failing that pick out a chav rider, buy him a coffee and steal his board on yr last day!

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