To have a medical or not to have a medical

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Green_Wellies, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. I know there is an AOSB thread but it's locked so I thought I'd post this here.

    I've got my Main Board early next year and I am confused about whether, as a TA soldier, I have a medical at Main Board.
    From reading the letter, it says regs will have to have a full medical if they don't bring their FMED 4. Then says re TA's, civvies and UOTC bods that they have RG8 giving clearance to attend Main Board but then says 'All Candidates' will have a full medical. So as a TA candidate, do I have one or not?!

    I would ring them but I'm at work and it's frowned on to loaf about on the phone re TA business so thought I would tap the great knowledge of ARRSE on this point
    Serving Regular soldiers MUST obtain a copy of his/her FMED4 enclosing PULHHEEMS and ensure it is handed in during the reception procedures. Failure to do this will make it necessary for you to undergo a full medical examination during the Board.

    Civilians, TA Soldiers and UOTC Candidates. AOSB have already received an RG8 Health Questionnaire giving you medical clearance to attend Main Board. However, this questionnaire is only valid for 2 years from the date that you signed it.

    All Candidates. you are reminded that you must be able to take part in physical exercise and MUST NOT attend if you are suffering from any illness or disability. Please ring the Board Office if you are unsure about attending. You are to complete the enclosed AOSB Main Board Health Questionnaire Declaration and RETURN IT WITH YOUR CONFIRMATION OF ATTENDANCE. All candidates will have a full medical during the selection Board, a guide to the medical procedure can be found in the Medical Screening and Examination at AOSB leaflet enclosed with this letter. You are to ensure that your ears are fully clean prior to arrival. If in any doubt contact your doctor or practice nurse to check your eardrums are not obscured by wax. Failure to do this may necessitate a second visit to your examination centre.
  2. Clue, clue...