"To Fly, To Serve" BA Ad Campaign

This could just be my jaded and cynical demeanour, but I’m finding this ad campaign flesh crawling pump.

I understand the idea put about by the media types, that in these straightened times we long for days gone by, but really!!!

They are an airborne bus service with chronic industrial relations and a piss poor service offering, I fail to see how this will help change anyone’s perception, anyone in the media arena care to enlighten me?

The worst bit is the way they finish off on Concord the one truely iconic and great aircraft they operated and because the frogs parked one in a field next to a hotel subsequently binned.

Apart from the fact To fly, To Strike would be more appropriate I much prefer the latest Virgin add. If they show that much more I'll need a new **** sock!
I think it's a wonderfully stirring advert celebrating being British and what's best of being British.


Now go and watch the Frog airline pish…

Typically Phrench and gayer than a pair of arseless chaps.
Alas my girlfriend (a Francophile) wants us to recreate the Air France ad !

She can hope !

The BA advert is pretty good. Ads always gloss over the truth. HR problems etc. - yes but they must play to their strengths. Their strengths are about heritage, service (historically very good - a VERY long time ago !).

I am always glad to see a Dakota on screen.

Comments on Concorde are agreed
BA have a lot of brand awareness to do before I would use them again. When going to the US we fly East to LHR use a decent US Carrier and get to stay with friends in London enroute home to Belfast. US Airlines have a far better passenger proposition. I don't use Air Fungus as I never trust a plane with Rosary Beads wrapped round the control column & the Child of Prague glued to the windscreen. 10 Hail Mary's is nowhere near as accurate as GPS !!
Oh. I think the Air France Ad is superb. Mind you, I'd seen it several times before I'd noticed it was an Air France ad. Great music. Fantastic setting and wonderful viewing - almost like a Jack Vettriano painting coming to life :)
Watched the BA one and whoever is running the Airspace at the end of it wants shooting. Very Dangerous flying that. Virgin ad is much more "stirring"
£20m is being spent on this campaign according to Private Eye. Seems like a lot of money to spend on brand awareness
For a company like BA, brand awareness is pretty much all they do. I don't know what their marketing budget is, but it will be in the hundreds of millions. This is pocket change.

I thought it was a great ad. Not my cup of tea, but undoubtedly creates an impression of the BA brand.
annoyed about concorde ok it was a fairly stupid plane done in by the yanks jealosy but the thing could have still be fly now *******:(
I hate BA. I flew HKG/LHR/HKG in July and on the way to the Uk the passengers were treated like an embuggerance.

Next time I'll fly Virgin, CX or Air Kiwi - actually I'd fly Aeroflot before I flew BA again.
annoyed about concorde ok it was a fairly stupid plane done in by the yanks jealosy but the thing could have still be fly now *******:(
Agreed about the Yanks successful attempts to put the Kibosh on Concord! I was lucky enough to fly to NY & back in the 80's on it! Comfortable, quiet (for the passengers at least), great food & wine served on Bone china & in cut glass! Good attentive service, no jet lag (3.75 hrs out, 3.25 hrs back [jet stream influence])! Bloody expensive but fortunately I didn't have to pay! ;-)


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I flew on BA last week.never ceases to amaze as to how tired, old and slow the airframe, service and crew are. The camp as a row of tents waiter was nice though. Shame about the polish middle-aged one telling me.how important the safety video was though, and how i must pay attention. Like all of us havent seen them 4 million times already..

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