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'To fight wars we need people who aren't very clever to go and do the dirty work.'


Book Reviewer
All I could read were the words 'To fight wars we need people who aren't very clever to' Fill in the next bit........... go in and steal their countries. Lift all their worldly goods, generally have a good time

As for people who arent very clever to go in and do the dirty work That's why we have politicians, diplomats and the foriegn office
There are people reading that and thinking that it's from the MOD. Just how thick can people be? The person who started it is shown as creator but his own profile is set to private.
The prick's a poster on here. STAB - need I say more?
Dominic 'Jack Hackett' Chandler: oh i know, Northern Ireland should never have happened anyway and it takes the piss the fact that it isnt united like it should have been
September 18 at 6:58pm ·

5A name and shame (well his moniker) this gimp after this above post


Book Reviewer
Jarrod's mucker I believe, he looks the FFL/Para type.
That'll be the one, S_M, although I think he's fallen out of Jarrod's graces at the moment, due to some dodgy Republican posting on FB.
When I said ex stab, I didn't mean as in username, as in present status due to not being in the TA at this present time.

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