to fear or not to fear P-COY, hat is the question....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mightymeaty, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. ok
    Im a civvy.I know nothing and am poor and weak. I beg forgiveness for my weakling ways and seek only knowledge from the cantankerous and irrrate.

    P-coy looks easy. There.
    I said it. Now feel free to verbally hurt me. I like it.
    Appart from the log thing, which scares the living shit out of me, the rest - it looks well, easy. Ok, so ive never seen the obstacle course, being weak and civvy like but i have the internet, and thus can voice my opinion on things i know nothing about as fact.

    I dont know what speed tabbing is meant to be, but up the canals or park near me im doign 30 miles in under 5 hours 30mins - 50 lbs. Just to see, you know what its all about.

    ok so the question is meant with all due respect.Fighting service and etc is glorious, etc. 5 VC's in PARA cant be sniffed at.
    But to me, a soft bodied civvy fattened on jeremy kyle, soft drinks and internet porn abuse p-coy looks, well, easy. educate me. hurt me.

    to fear or not to fear p-coy, hat is the question....
  2. ideally some tales of people taking p-coy and the nightmares or flashbacks from it
  3. Incoming.................................................

    Smell a wind up merchant here. Ask Sandy, I'm sure he will agree with you...
  4. No wind up at all. I, like a lot of campers, fell walkers, hill walkers and fell runners do a lot of long walks at speed.
    The lyke wake walk for example is 40 miles. Ive done it myself actually.
    half of p-coy it is moving about with weight lie ive mentioned above.

    What point im getting at is maybe p-coy only looks hard because its open to so few people at any one time.
    Like, if open to the entire civvy world, and say 25% pass - thats a shit load of people.
    So what im hinting at is maybe its all just in the mind, and nothing really to be that fussed at.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

  6. Not even wedge could pull this one off!
  7. Do you write poetry sometimes? About P Company? You could share it with us, a haiku perhaps.
  8. Oh look, a seagull
  9. Hint; the answer involves The Golden Mean, but I can't say more. Good luck.
  10. Looked more like an albatross to my poor eyes...
  11. Crows-millions of them!
  12. It's a confidence trick.
  13. Only one way to find out!
  14. I've just finished P-Coy yesterday, found it quite easy as it is now a multi-choice/tick-test, I ticked the box for 9:15 PFT time to access the module even though I've never actually finished one.

    You will need to create a DLP account at your nearest education centre and the whole course is done online now (saves money).

    I start the BPC on Monday, we're doing the first bit using WII-fit, saves having to keep aircraft apparently.

    Carry On.
  15. P-coy looks easy.

    It does doesn't it? But...................