To fat to join at the moment....but I have a few Qs

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Ste_Simpson, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi there I have been reading these forums whilst I have been considering joining the RE, and after finally going to my local careers office today I am basically to much of a lard ass to join up and have got to loose a stone and a half, but I just have a few questions to ask and any help answering them would be greatly appreciated. (Now ive stopped crying into the pizza i dropped into my curry)

    I have an electrical qualification at the moment which goes by the name of a city and guilds 2330 level 3, I have been led to believe that is the more modern version or replacement of the course you get in the royal engineers which gives you your part 1 and part 2 (even though I know the old course is more indepth), but when I loose my stone and a half an carry on with my application process I was wondering if my qualification is actually worth anything in the forces?

    Also I was told even if I applied now to be an electrician in the RE there would be a small chance I would even get in next year as the waiting list is massive and could be waiting years to do a trade unless I seriously excel in the selection which although I am going to try my best at everything so is everybody else so "shining" is hard to achieve.
    Is there any generic roles in the royal engineers because I really want to join and I am not to bothered about learning a specific trade and specialising in it as I already have my electrical qualification?

    Is the BT and the BFT the same as the infantry, which details I have found say 44 pressups in 2 and 50 situps in 2 minutes and best effort on the pulls?

    Thanks in advance for your help, I really want to get myself in the forces sooner rather than later(Not out of desperation).
  2. Phys test requirements are the same across the board less Para Regt. What the minimum requirement and what is expected are two things though.

    There are no generic role to fufil (although everybody is trained as a Class 3 Combat Engineer) so you would have to pick a trade.
  3. Thankyou for your swift reply, I intend to just be as fit as I can possibly be full stop by the time it comes around but I am using it as a guideline.

    I think I am going to struggle to get into the engineers though as the recruitment officer showed me the list of people that have applied for Aprils intake and every one of them was already full, then he had a board with 40 names on of all the people who only achieved grade C on selection who have been waiting over a year to join.

    I was sort of hoping already having my papers would mean I wouldnt have to do trade training but the sergeant wasnt to sure what my qualification was.
  4. You can do an assessment to see if you can go straight in at either Class 2 or Class 1 level. Engineers are a very popular choice. The best way to speed up your application is to get an A Grade on your selection. If this means loosing 2 stone, doing loads of studying and loads of phys well that's what you have to do.
  5. The weight is the easy part because of how motivated I am, I am tempted to look into a different choice tho possibly artillery.

    Reason I want to join forces is because I want to learn self respect/discipline and do somthing with my life thats actually worth doing. Trade part doesnt mean that much just liked the look of all the other stuff engineers did such as and how diverse a role they actually play.

  6. ARTILLERY??? 8O Harrumph!
  7. Go with the original choice - I think you would be setting your sights a bit low joining the arty - see what I did there :D
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Quite right too!

    Considering the number of beer fuelled, slightly rotund wedges, I'm sure that he would feel right at home with you guys! :p :D
  9. Unless you have a rambo complex why would you choose a non trade role ?

    You have the brains to sit away from the muck and bullets, so use them .

    Forget bft times etc lose the lard for your own self esteem .

    Many choose infantry for noble reasons ,others because they are thicker than the planks times two .

    The dumbest infantryman is often ten times the man your average civvie is however .
  10. Im pretty sure I dont have a rambo complex, however, I do want to go into the forces for noble reasons I suppose as I dont want to do it for the money and im not one of those people who want to go in because theres nothing else for me to do.

    The job I really want is to be an electrician in the engineers but for Aprils intake 25 people have already applied and there is 10 places(I think alot of people are joining just to get the quals) when Ive lost this weight I am going to ring my careers officer and ask him if theres any jobs in the engineers that are not already over applied for and consider re-trading as I am already qualified enough outside the forces as an electrician, its the role of combat engineer I like the look of mostly you see as its somthing different than us civvies get the opportunity to do.
  11. I would join up as another trade within the RE and then try your best to switch once you're in. When I joined the REME people were switching trades left right and centre, and this was whilst in basic training. I think they don't really care in basic as you're going to phase 2 which isn't their problem. It may work differently in the RE though I suppose. But the fact you've got elec quals already should help your case.

    By all means go into a different trade, you'll get new experiences and you'll learn more skills. You might just find yourself doing lots of wiring in cramped spaces if you become a sparky, which is what you might be used to/bored of.

    Get yourself running/cycling every day even if it's only a few miles, stick to one takeaway a week etc, and the weight will drop off. Plenty of opportunity to be tubby again once you're in the RE.

  12. Not sure how strict this is but when you get your phase 1 date you get a letter which states that they can't swap and change trades in basic.
  13. You are constantly asked through basic and gib if you are happy with your trade choice, and have many chances to change it.

    As long as your change is within the same qualification range (eg Fitter to Sparky) it shouldnt be to much of a problem.

    Dont join as a driver/armoured and expect to be anythin else though.
  14. If you're a fat c unt you'll fit right in as a Plant operator, just learn how to play euchre, dodge any form of PT and develop a hide that is impermeable to hydraulic oil and dermatitis and you're a shoe in.
  15. Im not really a fat **** im just heavy to be honest, I weight 15 stone an my recruiter said I need to get it down to 13 1/2 minimum it shouldnt be that hard I dont think I eat alot of junk food so if I just cut it out of my diet an start excercising (which I havent been doing alot of lately) It hopefully will drop off.

    I think a reason for my weight is I was spending like 4-5 nights a week in the gym just blitzing the weights an then stopped going I know the more I was goin the gym the heavier I was getting.

    Started training yesterday anyway need to work on alot of cardio im following the militiary fit program no point me stressing over getting in yet when im to fat haha