Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by JONESY24546113, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. Good film on BBC2 tonight. TO END ALL WARS. Its based on the true story of an Argylls officer during and after the fall of Singapore in WW2.
  2. What time is it on? Some bugger's pinched our telly guide :(
  3. Cheers beebs, oh font of all knowledge :)
  4. Got the film on disc somewhere. Good Film, well worth the watch.
  5. Very good film.
  6. Justfinished watching it - did bring a tear to the eye
  7. Excellent film spoiled by Robert Carlyle's very unconvincing portrayal of an A&SH major, in which he demonstrated that his repertoire does not extend much beyond the "Trainspotting" working-class Scot who swears a lot.

    Whoever cast the Bn CO, however, couldn't have done much better.
  8. Must agree,with the comments re Carlyle. James Cosmo as the CO...GREAT CASTING. However in all my time in the Scots Div the only hofficers I came across I with jock accents were lads who had gone through the ranks prior to commisioning.The ones who came from the factory were generally Scots but usually had the old Wellington College/ Eton plumby accents...don`t you know!! The CO would never have had a dumbed down lowland accent.......This is probably what they call artistic licence.

    Another thing is that the refered to the unit as the 93rd Battalion.........Surely they should have said the 2A&SH....."THE THIN RED LINE". Did anyone else notice the guys coming out of Stirling Castle wearing "MacKenzie" worn by the Seaforths. The wearing of the Glengarry`s left something to be desired too......they should of told the actors "its not a fashion accessory laddie!".

    However a moving film...........regarding tragic events.