To Drill, or not to Drill? (Reloading)

I have been drilling the flash holes of .303 Privi Partisan brass with a 2.2mm drill, the results in shooting this brass do appear to give me more consistancy.
Whilst drilling each flash hole out I am aware that sometimes the drill goes through the brass like a hot knife in butter and other times it is much harder to drill, my thoughts on this indicate that the holes must be of differing sizes.

So the question is, do any of you reloaders do the same?
And should I take this a step further and drill my Lapua .308 brass? Although at nearly forty quid a box I feel a bit shy of tampering with it!
I do this as well. But I would suggest buying the proper tool for the job. These have a pilot, to make sure that you ream the hole square to the axis.

This is the one I use from Lyman, but all the different reloading companies do one.

I have read that it is only worth doing this on 'crap' brass like PPU and Remington. On the good stuff like Lapua, Norma, RWS - don't bother.


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You're right, it is only necessary on cheap European, or American, brass. The reason is simple, USA and cheap European brass is stamped through the primer hole which may leave a hole with witness around the internal edge whereas decent European brass is drilled and has no need of clearing.


My KIWI long range mate does this to every round, he subscribes to precision reloader or such anorack magazines from the states which make watching paint dry very interesting.
Now you know why I concentrate my shooting on minute of deer!

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