To do the deed with a possible hobo?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Birdy, Mar 27, 2006.

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  2. " she become some sex fiend."

    you say this like it was a bad thing??

    invest in some flea bath shampoo and take her to the shower, before the deed, as part of foreplay...
  3. ... and afterwards scrub your wotsit with a nailbrush, vim and thick bleach - just to make sure! :wink:
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  5. At least 5 durexs and hold onto ye wallet. I'm thinking crack whore.
  6. Just think of it as a community service! If it wasn't you, she might latch onto some innocent 13 year old virgin, and eat him alive!!
  7. Have you spoken to RTFQ about this matter?

    He is after all THE ARRSE expert on Tramp - ARRSEr relations.
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  9. If you're concerned about ' prying eyes ' and such then just smuggle her out in a hamper or dump bin, its not as if she hasn't done that before...

    maybe she's trying to escape from the clutches of her mega wealthy father who wants to stuff her in some snooty private sanitarium.. or she's running from certain nefarious underworld figures.. after you're done there may be a big reward in turning her in.. Free shag and a pile of cash in the pocket afterward.. win/win as far as I can see..
  10. Good grammar in the NAAFI?

    Good God, Mr Birdy, Sir! You'll be talking about morals and scruples next...... Oh, you are! :lol:

  11. Why are you wasting your time on the internet when you've got a shag waiting?

    Are you sure you're a squaddie?
  12. You need to find out what sort of hostel it is, after all, there is a world of difference between "Crabby Abbies Home For Pustulent Crack Whores" and the YWCA.
    A word of caution though, if its a hostel for battered wives, she may well have a psychotic husband/boyfriend hunting her down. The last thing you want when you've got her spreadeagled facedown across the bonnet of your Mondeo, and you're ploughing her bottom acre, is to have your own coalchute violated with a four foot fence post.
  13. Noooooo I've just watched the new Tarantino flick by the same name be careful she doesnt want to bring you back to hers a drill through the mouth awaits you! :D
  14. How do you know that? The fact that Birdy isn't making the beast with two backs, at every opportunity, makes it seem that he's a bit of a bottom toucher. He might like fence posts. :D
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