To do or not to do?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Von1Papen, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Man up you poofter and spear the beast!

  2. No, run now before you are devoured!

  1. Ok, so i met/got raped by some chubby chick and she wants to meet this friday coming, but bear in mind my reputation will be destroyed if i do the deed with said woman :twisted:

    So, do i man up and pork the beast or do i keep whats left of my reputation? :lol:

    Ps- suggestions such as murdering her with an axe are welcome

  2. Even fat birds need lurve V1P. Get in there!!!!
  3. She will be so much in need of it, I reckon your be able to shove your hand up her hoop and hand job yourself.....

    Bit like mopeds though, fun to ride but you don't want your mates to see ya.
  4. Any holes a goal :twisted:
  5. one up the bum no harm done
  6. Shagged a blimp one time on leave, snuck into her house after dark and out before dawn.

    Ace shag, so fill your boots, porkers love you long time.
  7. Do her up the wrong'un.
    If she says no, tell her you won't be coming back for seconds.
  8. use Quagmires motto from family guy "fat chicks need love too, They just gotta pay" giggity.
  9. As she's probably FUgly (Fucking Ugly) she'll be more appreciative, spread the word that your great and your reputation will be at it's highest ever.

    No need to thank me, I'm feel charitable.
  10. Well i think ill follow yer advice and poke one up er ricker, regards from ARRSE etc :lol:
  11. Overcome the emotion of shame and the idea of having standards then you will you have lots more sex. Dont beat yourself up for boning a chubber we have all done it and its bloody good fun get in there you tart
  12. Do.



  13. Advance to contact V1P, duty calls. You never know she may be that special person you've been dreaming of (the other one, not yourself I mean).
  14. Take one for the team you poof, you'll like it really :D
  15. you KNOW you want me...big boy :D