"To close the 12 months rule!"

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brucewillis, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. What is the time frame between tours (HERRICK). A few of us have been told that we can't go on H18 as we have just come off H15. The reason given that we are to close to the 12 month rule. But surely if you are over the 12 month point you are complying with the rules??

    Any advice or links to written legislation appreciated.

  2. Any advice or links to written legislation appreciated.

    I believe they are flexible depending on your CoC and required manning levels (remember the draw-down 2014)
    Back to back tours have been stopped along time ago.

    I believe it is to do with the fact that you can only be mobilised for a year in a certain time frame (5 years/3years)
    Therefore you'd go above that.

    I was mobilsed twice Jan 2008 and June 2010, They realised at Chilwell me and others would have gone over the year, they would not let me sign the form there and then and said it would be sorted in plenty of time.

    Anyway the paperwork turned up when I was on R&R which happened to be when my run out date was.

    I thought it would have been funny if I just didn't go back, as I wasn't compelled to.
  3. It is to protect employers.

    I am just in breach at the moment but nobody gave a ****. I'm not sure of the specific rules but I'm sure someone is. It is 12 months in a 3 year period IIRC.
  4. Pretty sure the 5 year time frame is for compulsory mobilisation, but as a volunteer you sign a waiver if your inside that. The 12 month rule is I'm sure, for actually being out of theatre. My issue is that by next April I will have gone over the 12 month point but am still being told I/we can't go.
  5. House of Commons - Defence - Fourteenth Report

    House of Commons Hansard Written Answers for 07 Mar 2007 (pt 0001)

  6. Cheers Sluggy, got a phone call this morning confirming that I won't be going. Best look for a job now!