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To chose 1 Para RAF St Athan or 2/3 Para Colchester Garrison , advice needed

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It's still early days yet but I was looking for some advice as to what battalion to choose if I make it all the way through Para Depot.

Now first off I know nothing about life at either of these battalions so it would be nice if somebody could share an insight into what their battalion life was like if anybody were based in either of these locations.

Now before looking deep into it my initial preference would be 1 Para just because of what their role is but obviously your preference doesn't mean jack.

But I would hate to be drafted to St Athan and for it to be an absolute dive when it comes to weekends. From my assumption the night life in Colchester would be much better, I can see it being a more fun to be based here as apposed to St Athan.

Now it's not all about the night life so what things should I take into consideration before choosing my preferred battalion?

So you're joing to Army for the night-life and week-ends?

I can see this ending in tears - yours. Nice avatar by the way, you must be nails...
I know it's 15 Miles from Cardiff which has it's fair share of gipping valley sluts.
Ahh I understand now.......... its not the paras he wants, its the pulling power of the maroon machines beret (and the tats obviously) - Yep tell your recruiter that and you'll go far, but perhaps not in the direction you would have chosen


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I know it's 15 Miles from Cardiff which has it's fair share of gipping valley sluts.
cardiff is dripping with valley sluts and a lot more proper totty than you could deal with - they're harder than paras as well so the fights make good entertainment.

anywhere is better than colly. you're near the sea, beer is cheaper and no other units to give you hassle over territory.
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