To CDT or not to CDT

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Unusual as it may seem, I have never undergone a Compulsory Drugs Test. I have served in a variety of formations since CDT was introduced, and not once have I encountered the CDT team, although I came close in the 90's, just clearing the gates of Shackleton Barracks before they were locked.

    Not being CDT'd is somewhat different from, for example, missing a PFT and rectifying the situation. One can hardly say - "Sorry Q, got tied up this morning and could'nt make the old CDT - couldn't book me in for one later this week perchance?

    I don't suppose I am alone in having a zero CDT score. Any others out there?
  2. Was doing well until I went to Blandford, and got hammered with CDTs left, right and centre. By the end of it I was a Class 1 CDT´r but had a few missed training objectives for my trade :D
  3. If you were there with 1 KINGS, the gates would have failed a CDT!
  4. Never had a CDT?There was a time I seemed to be getting them on a monthly basis it felt.
    Besbrook 1997,a young sprog in the BTN a couple of weeks, has jiffy bags of puff sent from his Uncle back home getting flown in every week,not suprisngly makes friends quite quickly.Even more suprisingly,the aroma of weed emitting from his room seems to go un noticed for a couple of weeks.Finally somone sticks him in. 0500,just as the last team arrives from a 48hr op we get hit with the works,bloody RAF dogs sniffing all over the shop then down to the Weaver shed to get our willys out.Low and behold,few days later the sprog and his muckers get the "Come and see me". Asked where he was getting his weed from,"A fella in Newry,when I'm on patrol"
    Enter SIB,RUC Drugs squad and every other T,D&H. F uck me,what a s hit storm.
    If I remember correctly,his team commander was kicked out along with a few others,but the sprog stayed due to his age and lack of maturity.
    I don't think they ever did manage to nab "The Fella from Newry" though.
  5. I've not had one, although the unit has been done several times..strangely enough the last time I was taken back to camp to man the gate..I thought to myself "great, they want someone they can trust" it was only later I began to think that maybe they sped me away because they thought I would fail (how rude!)
  6. I did the desk officer bit in Bessbrook in '98. Was with 16RA and 42 (I think) Cdo. Anyhoo this Colour Sgt RM comes up to my desk and gives the caveat that he's been taking steroids for tennis elbow. Funny thing is, I'd seen him in the gym the night before with EVERY disc weight you could put on the bench press, must have been about 140kgs! Obviously he was a big guy and I decided to just nod and sympathise with his pain!! Only been done twice since 94.
  7. Are younger lads treated like this all the time, or was this a one off and generally all soldiers found to test positive discharged?
  8. cpls and above discharged automatically

    lcpls (reduced administratively) and ptes can be placed on 5year drug warning orders the IRT list if they meet the following criteria:

    under 26 (bit of leeway)
    not a class A or B drug
    attend the drug rehabilitation course

    and the co supports the retention

    my co has a rightly so zero tolerance policy
  9. Iv'e been out for over 9 years.When I was in,ocaisionally when younger lads where caught after CDT they were given a second chance.Maybe that was our COs policy as we seemed to be losing quite a few lads back then,I don't know.
    Speak to somone who is still serving for a up to date answer.That or even try opening a whole new thread. Stand by for in comings though.why are you so bothered?
  10. Because i don't want a smack head near me with a weapon.
  11. That's not what I meant...........
  13. I've not had one so far (9 years).

    Not that they'd find anything anyway, the alcohol would probably mask anything else in my veins!!