To caravan or not to caravan ...

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by k13eod, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. Ok. So for the last 27 years of driving I have detested caravans. They are the holiday choice of those who feel time spent in a tent is unbearable and holidays abroad too expensive. They clog up our roads during bank holidays and the summer making it impossible for any other road user to get anywhere near the coast in less than 24 hours. They are mostly owned by people called Ted and Doris who always refer to the "van" in the feminine ("she's a beauty isn't she?") and they are always heading down to Dorset ... even when they going North up the M6 or A1.

    I am a camper and always have been. Even now I still have an annual camping trip with my son although now at 15 he's shying away from the idea. I like camping; I load up the car and can thrash along without the 4 litres of engine capacity not even noticing the load. I get to a site and come rain, shine or hurricane I can have my own little campsite up and running within the hour.

    But I do come from a family of caravaniers (and no they are not pikeys). My dad used to have one, my sister still has one and my eldest brother has moved on to a camper van. But I, like my two younger brothers still swear by canvas. However, as I fast approach the big half century, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about a caravan! And I have been looking at these:

    Why? Well I reckon that with the right paint job, one of these things would look ok hooked up behind my trike:


    So ... I have been thinking about the advantages:

    1. Small and lightweight so no loss of power from the machine.
    2. It can carry a shed load of beer.
    3. Quick and easy to set up.
    4. More beer can be carried.
    5. Better protection from the elements than a tent.
    6. Probably get loads of beer in there.
    7. More comfortable than a tent.
    8. Looks like there might be space for lots of beer.
    9. Can tow it behind the car as well if needed for a w/e (without slowing everyone else down).
    10. And finally ... beer carriage.

    So ... what do we think?
  2. And lo, on the 29th Day of the Month known as July, K13EOD suggested that he buyeth for himself a caravan of wheels and tow bar, and yea, did the heavens open, and scorn did falleth upon his head, and the scorn rained for 40 days and 40 nights and K13EOD did curse arrse, for the scorn was great and burned with a great fire.
  3. Shed dragging heh?


    I'm sure it will look lovely. And have lots of room for beer.
  4. Rent an RV
  5. Until with a roar of engine K13EOD did descend upon the gathered throng of parched bikers bearing slabs of beer stowed within his wheeled abode. And there was much seventies music and imbibing of alcholic beverage and at the end of day whilst bikers collapsed drunkenly and cursing into their leaking canvas abodes K13EOD did make comfortable and fart and snore with great ease.
  6. I think that an RV would be a tadge heavy for the trike to pull :D
  8. Caravan. The Holiday choice of the person who cannot relax on holiday unless he has brought his own dishcloth.

    Oh dear.
  9. You need one of these . I,ve seen the dart model behind a trike before . I,ve had the Designer model for about 8 years now & its a fantastic bit of kit. Its made out of a pvc type material so you dont have to arrse about drying the thing out after a wet trip :) . You hardly notice it on the car & you can just wheel it into the garage to store it. You can even buy a frame to roll it onto its side to save space. Also because packed up it just looks like a normal cargo trailer , nobody thinks you are an antisocial cnut on the roads. Bonzer :)

  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The advantage over an RV is no mot or road tax! Its the same for a tent mind but that is a small caravan, luckily K13eod has detachable leg (s) so thats a bit more space saved, anyway when he is properly legless he will collapse outside as per normal the kent Pikey!
  11. Initial little bit of fnnnaaarring about you offering advice about "campsites" ....

    ... I already bought the midlife crisis/male menopausal trike and sports car (although I think the real reason is that most of us can't afford such luxuries until we are older). Mate, a motorhome is no good, it wouldn't tow behind the trike.

    I like the idea of those trailer tent thingys though ... sort of best of both worlds. Can you carry loads of beer in it?
  12. I wondered how long it would take the Sussex Cuntry* Gent to turn up and slag me off!

    * deliberate misspelling.
  13. The best of the trailer tents (they've won the award for it for the last 5 or 6 years) are made by a Danish company called Camplet. They take about 2 mins (literally) to get up and water-tight or down again and then you just need to peg it out.

    That's what I mean. The fibreglass lid of the trailer is hinged and then forms the base of the bed. You just open it, put in a short metal tube to link the 2 halves of the long tube and pull it out of the trailer.

    The quickest to put up and pack by a mile. We had one for a while and it was great, towed well and weighs very little.
  14. You lot just don't see the benefits of a quality caravan !
    Stop bashing our national symbol! :p
  15. Stick with the canvas K13, nothing beats the sound of the rain battering of a tent to remind you of all those nights spent in a harbour area, presumably you have been that soldier?

    We are also off camping, got some hooky rations, hexi cookers and some green string for the perimeter wire, the wife is waterproofing her kit, as we speak, in preparation for the pre deployment kit inspection...........beautiful.