To buy or not to buy?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mcclurg, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Lowa Combat GTX boots

  2. As a cadet, what really is the point? you will just look like overly keen, and will probably earn the tag "all the gear no idea". Use the issued assault boots, they do the job, especially so when its just a cadet wearing them.
  3. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I definitely would mate, and I'm in the CCF..

    They are so much better than the standard assault boots, and I use mine for D of E expeditions as well, so two birds with one stone.

    Also, if you look after them well, they should easily last you through Sandhurst (if you're allowed to wear them) and through at least an SSC.

    Out of interest, where are you looking to get them from?

    Hope that helps
  4. as a cadet waste of cash you won't be allowed to wear them in training
    cadets don't tab with lots of weight or stay out for days.
    ai's either wear Gucci boots cause they had them before or have broken feet or are walts :(
    for d of e cheapo hiking boots will do
    although as a cadet its mandatory to have an omega blackhawk chestrig and knife capable of cutting through doors of helicopters :twisted:
  5. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    Not true, it really depends on your staff, our SSI is happy for me to wear mine on parade (if they're shiny) and on exercise.

    That's true, but still, not really a reason not to get them

    Yeah, but he isn't an AI is he, so what if he has a better pair of boots than them.. You should take the best care of your feet possible..
    Well the people that had cheapo hiking boots on our practice (Gold) exped in Wales got soaked boots and blisters, but not me..

    Ah, that's what I'm missing, cheers :p
  6. Must be a new bread of Cadets! SF cadets...!
    Who need Gucci kit for a day in the field!
  7. For hiking, D of E etc then wear them if you can't get on with the issue ones. Use the issue ones for drill nights etc to save wearing out the Lowas.
  8. Cadets are not issued boots, so buy whatever they like, or can afford. Better to buy good expensive boots than nasty second hand ones which are knackered and could cause injury.

    As for AIs being walts if they buy gucci boots, well, I spend more time on my feet as an ACF AI than I ever did as a TA infantry soldier and am seriously considering an alternative to the issued boots, combat, assault.
  9. If I were you, I'd avoid Gore-tex like the plague and go for the just-leather option; patrol, supercamp or megacamp. Gore-tex is unbearably hot in summer and takes ages to dry out. Plus, a pair of supercamps is about £120; a bit cheaper than the £150 combat GTX.
    But there's no reason why a cadets shouldn't wear expensive boot should he choose. Just make sure that you aren't the useless bloke with all the gear.

    Sandhurst is extremely unlikely to let you wear Lowas unless you've got funny feet. You'll have to wear the CAB at some point.
  10. whatever they allow at sandhurts these days (its prob gone a bit soft now) get some double strike sorbathane insoles. they will save your feet loads whatever you wear.

    Reading the thread, not sure if you are making a general question and why did cadet come in to it? is it CCF or RMAS cadet?
  11. See, I didn't think being a cadet would come into it. I was merely asking of the quality..

    I'm currently ACF, soon to be RMAS cadet (well not soon, but I've passed selection)

    Let me rephrase this thread:

    Are these boots good quality?
  12. Very good quality, Very comfy however as a fellow Cadet of the space variety, i'd recommend a lighter fabric boot such as the Seeker or Urban. Don't get Gore-Tex either as it'll make your feet sweat like a bitch. After WARMA at Cosford I had to peel my socks off they were that sweaty.
  13. Dont waste your money and believe me it will be a waste.

    Point 1 - As a cadet youll be paying 100 quid+ to mong about a tiny bit more comfortably, youll stand out in a bad way (kit monster/walt) and if youve got the influence in your detachment set a trend for other cadets to buy non-issue kit resulting in a 'poor cousin' sort of situation.

    Point 2 - As a officer cadet your supposed to set an example and inspire confidence in the kit that your soldiers under you are issued, the wage that they receive is a lot lower than yours and you may dent a hole in there pockets making them think to buy it when they may not need it.

    Point 3 - At the end of the day the Army doesnt issue Lowas and those times when you think that youll truly need them ie ops/excercise they may get damaged/lost/stolen and youll have to go back to CAB and your performance may be impacted. Get used to operating in issue stuff first and use non issue to enhance your performance and not get dependant on it!

    Im not against non-issue kit far from it but I dont think your in the environment from which it is needed yet and Lowas are an expensive addiction best use the money in pursuit of c**t and if anything get some CAB and break them in well for the factory and if you need Lowas youll be issued them. And I can just imagine at the factory your instructors will love the 'I used them in Cadets' line especially when there will be former JNCOs in your platoon with a feckload of experience on ops going back to the absolute basics, day 1 week 1.
  14. Iron_Man is bang on. Despite the fact that I hate issue boots. Altberg beat Lowa anyway...
  15. For the amount of time you'll be wearing them, you may as well buy Magnum Classics. Very cheap, cool and breathable. They do fine for me.