To Brew, or Not To Brew.......

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Jumpmeister, May 5, 2007.

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  1. Just admiring Arthurs fantastic drawings, (The crew by the Chiefie in the woods to be precise), and the old memory buds started working. Does anybody remember the 'brew kettle'? A cone inside a tube, welded at the bottom, the top cut off the cone as a chimney, with little tin legs, which you filled full of H2o. One empty compo tin full of benz underneath, and voila, two gallons of boiling water inside five mins.
    Our LAD used to knock them up for us (when not missing, asleep, eating etc etc.)
    Are these fantastic contraptions still in use, or did they go the same way as the self exploding N01 burner, or in fact compo in a tin?????????? :? :?
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Shirley like the recent discussion (may not have been this forum) on the No 3 Petrol cooker, it's unlikely because we don't put benz in wer vehicles any more and it won't run on diesel.

    Or a meringue?
  3. The Kiwis used to have a similar item on all their vehicle CESs back in the eighties, looked bit like an old fashioned coffee pot from the cowboy films. Could boil water for the Milo in seconds few, saw one in a camping shop on a recent trip to Australia. ISTR someone telling me that they were very popular in the Western Desert WWII. I wish I could remember what the Kiwis called them.
  4. Begazi burner was the term in WWII . Cut down British petrol tin, not the Jerry can, half full of sand. Add 1 tin of benz and you cooking on benz.
  5. Identical principle to the magnificent old "Volcano" kettle, which could be brought to a furious boil with one old newspaper.

    Volcano kettles are still manufactured by The Kelly Kettle Co. About £30 but indestructable, and will last a lifetime.

    Happy memories . . . .
  6. I've never seen these things in use. We were content to use the petrol burner. (when we couldn't use the BV). Yes we did run on diesel but we always had a jerrycan of benz in the baskets along with our oils and spare water although experience shows that these are very vulnerable to small arms fire.
  7. We called them 'Bengazis', ISTR they were made illegal and as everything now runs on diesel including the 'Green Goddess', benz is hard to come by!!! :roll:
  8. By "Green Goddess" do you mean fire engines or is that some new kind of diesel burning cooker I've not heard of?

    (I'm serious btw)
  9. So the days of 'getting rid' of a couple of hundred gallons of the stuff when a Cent went into w/shops are now gone, it seems....
    Pity, my old Opel ran well on the Army Benz... :twisted: :twisted:
    Our Chiefies were the first and only thing we had that ran on Derv at the time. Even they were supposed to be 'multifuel', but that was ditched after a bit. Anyway, I doubt if the L60 would have run on petrol.
  10. The new, well it's been out for quite a few years now, diesel burning cooker!!! :?

    It will but doesn't sound to good 8O , ISTR one of tanks running out of fuel during one of the practices for the infamous 'Staff College Demo' when we were in 'Paders'. Purely as a 'Get me Home' thing, the commander stuck a jerry can of benz in and it got him back to where the rest of the squadron were parked up! 8) Thinking about it it must have been using a mixture of the shite that was left in the base tanks topped up with a smidgeon of 4 Star!!! :D
  11. It was designed as a multifuel engine mate. Could run on virtually anything. I've never seen one run on anything but diesel however and I note Soprano's comments. Also I did have a REME bloke explain to me once that it took about 24 hours to adjust an L60 fuel injection system to run on anything else, and the same to return it to diesel fuel. Seems a bit pointless - good concept mind you, but better if it worked.
  12. Truthfully, I'd never heard of it before now. I presume it works under pressure like the petrol burner?
  13. Exactly the same principle and IIRC their is some sort of inflammable paste that is used to get the thing going. No doubt one of the younger generation will confirm that, I admit I've not used one personally as I've still got my little 'Camping Gas Bluett', mind you I can't even remember the last time I was on a proper exercise! 8O I can but it was when I was working with the RAF and then we stayed in a hotel!!! 8)
  14. T*rry Ackr*LL made a good bengazi.Everyones car ran well on army benz in Tidders as the mad rush came for the run home on fridays.
  15. The thing with a bengazi is that you should only reuse the sand in the tin once, after that it doesn't soak up the benz. What does happen, is that the benz vapourises and spreads out over quite a large part of the desert. So I have heard cough cough, once lit the pool of flame is quiet impressive.
    I would like to point out that I wasn't that good looking jnco stood in the pool of flame and it wasn't witnessed, apart from one other nco who told me to chuck some sand on it and he wouldn't tell anyone. Cheers G S you cnut!