To blog or not to blog - Cameron chunders after PMs QT

Sion Simon - known to his friends as "simple". MP for West Bromich, and a former News of the World journo. Did you not guess? The most inactive MP in the house, he is worth a google.

I like the way he offers up Cameron's kids - frustrated journo paedo tendencies rising up there? Allegedly.
Tom's back to dirty tricks already? And him soooooo publicly sacked not 4 weeks ago?

Well, I'd never have seen this coming.
The lovely Eddie Mair just interviewed the odious Sion Simon on PM. He is clearly a total fool. When asked why he did the spoof, he said something about his friend Tom Watson MP being the first and real blogging MP and that Cameron was mis-using the medium. When Mair asked him whether he was concerned about negative comments he said 'I thought about all that and I just don't care'.

All very, very odd. It's a mystery how he ever became and MP but let's hope his exit from Westminster is swift.
BoomShackerLacker said:
DC chats casually after PM's QT... DC chats to his 'homies'

but gets up the nose of Labour MP who sounds a bit embittered
...spoof DC
Where is that D1CKHEAD of an MP from?

And how much is that worthless piece of Sh1t on a year as an MP?

I just want to push a handful of Razorblades into his Grid.... :twisted:

Rant Over....Back to digging shell scrapes... :wink:

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