To blog or not to blog - Cameron chunders after PMs QT

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BoomShackerLacker, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. My god, the second one was an MP?!

    Who the hell voted for that... homie?
  2. Sion Simon - known to his friends as "simple". MP for West Bromich, and a former News of the World journo. Did you not guess? The most inactive MP in the house, he is worth a google.

    I like the way he offers up Cameron's kids - frustrated journo paedo tendencies rising up there? Allegedly.
  3. [​IMG]

    Now that's a daring challenge to make, especially coming from someone who could be described as a pug nosed gimp.
  4. Tom's back to dirty tricks already? And him soooooo publicly sacked not 4 weeks ago?

    Well, I'd never have seen this coming.
  5. According to the news, it has been right coup for the Cameron website!
  6. There's something very David Brent like about Mr Watson, so desperate to appear cool and 'in touch'. How's he ever managed to get on in the Labour party?! 8O
  7. The lovely Eddie Mair just interviewed the odious Sion Simon on PM. He is clearly a total fool. When asked why he did the spoof, he said something about his friend Tom Watson MP being the first and real blogging MP and that Cameron was mis-using the medium. When Mair asked him whether he was concerned about negative comments he said 'I thought about all that and I just don't care'.

    All very, very odd. It's a mystery how he ever became and MP but let's hope his exit from Westminster is swift.
  8. Where is that D1CKHEAD of an MP from?

    And how much is that worthless piece of Sh1t on a year as an MP?

    I just want to push a handful of Razorblades into his Grid.... :twisted:

    Rant Over....Back to digging shell scrapes... :wink: