To all wearers of the Caubeen and Hackle.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_McKay, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. I propose to write to Mr George Solomou, care of the Stop the War Coalition, asking him to desist from wearing the Caubeen and Hackle at public events. I further propose to sign this letter from All Ranks.

    I will only do this if the weight of opinion is behind me and if I have tacit approval from the movers and shakers. If, at any stage, someone PMs me and tell me to wind my neck in then I will do so.

    Once I have a reasonable mandate via this means, I will write to the various COs and Honorary Colonels stating my case and attaching a draft of the letter. Again if I get told to wind my neck by the great and good I will.

    I would urge anyone posting a reply to this poll to mind the tone and content of their replies. One hint of nastiness and I will have no option but to pull the plug.

    I would also ask if this can be included on the Infantry forum for maximum exposure. I would do it myself,but I don't know how to. The options will be YES or NO, no sitting on the fence on this one.

    My closing comment. It really grips me that someone regularly appears on national television using a proud symbol to Irish soldiers of all ranks and ages to make a political point. I find it offensive and in this age were we have to mindful of causing offence, I propose we use this opportunity to peacefully register our displeasure.
  2. I'm a REMF but you get my vote and as requested I'll keep my opinions to myself so as not to upset the pink and fluffy

    Good luck !
  3. I hope you remember the OC of the Liverpool Irish in 103 RA.
  4. Has he not left? - if so, is it not illegal for him to be still wearing his uniform or part thereof, particularly to make a political point?
  5. In which case all those old Jocks protesting about amalgamation and disbandment are in the same position.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This matter was much discussed on ARRSE when he initially resigned. I gather the general opinion of the Paddies was that they were well shot of a poor soldier. As a member of the RAMC it annoys me to see this clown abusing my badge whilst trying to make whatever point he is trying to make - but I suppose its a bit of a back handed complimnet - he still feels that these symbols of military service give him some authority whilst he betrays his ex-comrades. Without the hat, feathers and snake this guy is a nothing - a fat ex-stab who walked out on his comrades.
  7. He quit rather than risk being moblised shouldnt wear the headress at a political meeting in any case .Thought he was old news like the whole stop the war orgnisation .
  8. Yes, I see - tricky one that.
  9. Having just googled this bloke I would say crack on. If he were to wear this gallantry award (whatever it is) then that would be fine, but decking himself out in headdress is not. I feel he would not be doing it if he only had blue ramc beret. The comparison's to Vietnam vets who wore kit on protests which might be made are not valid, as they were wearing kit they wore in the theatre they were complaining about. this chap is perfectly entitled to express his views, but his methods do smack of having his cake and eating it.
  10. WAs he issed the headdress on a 1098?
  11. Go for it. He signed the papers, joined an army then ran off when asked to do his duty. As a celt and an ex RAMC I do not want this man associated with me and mine!!