To all those who want to arm all police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Infiltrator, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. I don't think that this has been covered anywhere else.

    I've said for many moons that not all police should be routinely armed. I've even said that for some Tasers are too much for them to handle.

    BBC News - Police use Taser on blind man after stick mistaken for sword

    I know that many will say that this is an isolated incident, but how much worse would it have been if they all had 9mm?
  2. "We have launched an urgent investigation to understand what lessons can be learned."

    Compulsory eyesight tests for coppers and sword identification classes?
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  3. A different point of view can be taken - in support of tasers

    Originally tasers were brought in to uk police amongst the armed officers giving them an alternate option, and subsequently been issued to others depending on the force

    There was a drunk armed with a samurai sword. Good thing they came out with tasers and didn't kill the innocent nor the guilty party
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  4. If the police were better trained, rather than the pitiful amount of weeks they currently receive it wouldn't be an issue. Having lived in a place, Hong Kong to be exact, where the police are armed, no exceptions, and the amount of silly stuff like this that doesn't happen, and the police there are rigorously trained in the use of their arsenal.
    I can only put it down to being a bit trigger happy and indiscipline and thinking, it is a non-lethal option the most I will get is bollocking if I hit the wrong thing attitude.
    The amount of butthurt that a police officer in HK has to go through, to even have justified the drawing of his/her pistol means that it is a last resort.
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  5. "Mr Farmer was taken to hospital for treatment and later discharged"

    Love the choice of words :)
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Is there a website?

    Mistake. Man hurt. Man better now. Move on.
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  7. Positively shocking.
  8. If Mr Broken Eyes had received some 9mm pain relief, at least the bill for disability payments would have decreased.

    Every cloud etc....
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  9. _Po_Kung_Fu.JPG

    Hope it's this bloke next time. He'd sort the coppers out
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  10. Bored of writing a "pain in the arse" butthurt sums it up succinctly and takes fewer letters and is more efficient! Must be some German ancestry somewhere!
  11. Your taxi is at the front entrance sir.
  12. Yes, No amount of training can make police fit to bear arms. Psychometric selection chooses those who say "baa" but are too morally inferior to say "nay".

    As I have written before a Judge asked once an officer why he had fired his tazer. "Cos he's bigger than me" said the officer who had no power to arrest or detain.

    So what is it this time ? "I was drawing his attention to the fact he had forgotten his guide dog" ?

    " I suspected he had a concealed sword in his cane"
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  13. I've now seen the bloke, seen the CCV and the stick. If the officer concerned just gets his/her wrist slapped and a month of buying chunky monkey scumbags like the chap the other week with the offensive tee shirt will just have more ammo against the police. they should be charged then sacked.
  14. I still want the police to be routinely armed. I would just like the police to routinely recruit people that can tell a a narrow white cane from a samurai sword.
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  15. I would have thought the dark glasses and guide dog would have given it away. Lucky it was Lancashire police, if it was the GMP or the Met it would have been a bullet and they would have topped the dog as well for breaching the Dangerous Dogs Act?
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