Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dont_Fear_The_Reaper, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Arseh0le!
  2. What's your point ?

    Or are you incapable ?
  3. My point is your hostile response to a civil statement by another user; or are you unaware that the use of such things like exclamation marks etc have an impact?

    Unfortunately, you probably are aware but are just another regular soldier who thinks he has the right to speak to his reservist counterpart (that's right mofo) like sh1t.

    If neither of the above statements are true, then please consider how you put 'finger to key' in future and the world will be a better place. :)

  4. Ooooh. Get her !?

    I did indeed use the exclaimant mark to make an impact. It was used to establish that there is a free alternative.
    As for not being issued 2's... I'm sure the individual's unit could have pulled their finger out if they desired. Unfortunately, 2's are due for replacement and the current supply situation is now very limited, so the originator of this thread is 'stuffed.'

    Second hand mess kit is usually in the region of £100-£200.

    PS. I have asked colleagues of mine to stop using the exclaimation mark when typing and last night "Comic Relief" raised a staggering £58,000,000 !
    So you are right, the world is indeed a greater place !
    I will continue to use the exclaimation mark however, 'cos I couldn't give a flying fuk !
    !!!!!! !!!! !!!!! !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!! ! !!! ! !!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !! !!! !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!
  5. Sadly Arf you have just proved to the rest of the ARRSE community that you're just another self-opinionated pr1ck...............I won't bother with the exclamation mark :lol:

  6. Self opinionated. You mean get online in a discussion thread where you offer an opinion from one's self ?

    Someone ranted about one army nonsense and mess dress allowances. You don't have to purchase mess kit, you can wear 2's instead, for free !
    If your unit doesn't have 2's then you are out of luck.

    As for being a prick ? Well I'd of thought you were used to the taste !
  7. "Wonder why that is.
    Reservists wear thir mess dress quite often as well".

    Is that what you class as a rant because that's all the guy said before you launched in with your size 12's, or are you trying to justify acting like a bully?

    As for the remark about the taste of c0ck, I could hardly have expected more from someone with your mentality. End of threaed, go find someone else to bore Arf.