TK Maxx nudges Darwins theory a bit.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. TK Maxx is selling a coat that has a "hidden" pocket (read inside pocket) that contains a SHOCK HORROR 2 1/2 in blade Swiss Army Pen knife.

    Dun Dun Duuuuuuunn.

    Obviosly fools are jumping on this and deciding that this coat is a greater risk than crack and gang membership to kids.

    Personally I think it´s a non story. And the only thing that would keep me from buying one for my kids is the idiotic reactions from mongs who cant grasp the simple facts of live.

    Teach your kid to grow up as a normal member of society. Teach them weapon discipline (knifes or guns doesn´t matter) and they wont go round stabbing and shooting like fools.

    It is obvious from the prats that write this stuff, and complain about such things, have not grasped to be responsible for their own actions so how can their kids be taught any better?
  2. Simple solution, put the pocket on the outside so that it's not 'hidden' and the kids can get at it easier.

    Then everybody's happy.
  3. By the press making a fuss over it, they've just made it number 1 desirable fashion item amongst wannabe gangstas, well done! Its like putting a 'Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics' sticker on a CD, it just makes them want it more!
  4. I carry a twenty-odd year old Swiss Army knife wherever I go and have done since it was new. It is a very versatile work tool and I wouldn't be without it.
    Of course it is some time since I used it for its intended purpose of sharpening quills but the blades, toothpick and phillips screwdriver I regularly use and the Mem Sahib regularly borrows the tweezers. On holiday it flies in my hold baggage.
    Its never been used to carve my initials in inanimate objects or indeed in chavs foreheads and never been used as a weapon. My choice of weapon is an E Class Estate I find it has a longer reach and greater clout than my Swiss Army Knife.
  5. TK maxx, Chav city. Nuff said.
  6. Still carry a Leathermans in my hold luggage. It comes in handy. It is on my belt if I go hiking and at work.

    Used to carry a Kukri onmy webbing, again quite handy. But apparently now adays even a razor blade (ie safety razer not a cut throat) and nail clippers constitute deadly weappons.


    Forgot, here is the link to stupidity.

    What next. A shop sold a coat that had DRAW STRINGS. Do they not realise that these harmless looking bits of string are actually hiddden killers.

    They can be used to garrote teens in other gangs.

    And the whole coat itself can be used to smother people.

    Get a fcuking grip.

    Remove the gang sub culture and we don´t need stupidity like this.
  7. saw it on the news this morning and every boot and their dogs has been on BFBS all day whinging about it.

    These jackets (either wellenstyen or strellson, canna mind) are sold in all the big department stores in germany, they have different gadgets and cost about 200 to 400 euro.

    TK maxx gets all the non sold items (very few actually) from all these firms and flogs them at a greatly reduced price, but wee jimmy the slasher does not need to go to TK Maxx and pay out 59 quid to get a wee blade.

    Irresponsible is these parents that dont know where we Jimmy is at midnight, just have to look at our estate and its 100 army FFS.

    typical UK today :x
  8. I'm more shocked that something at TK Maxx cost £59! You could buy half the shop for that and some shares to boot!

    Their clearly missing the big story here.
  9. Can anyone be arrsed to fire up the apathy coach? Nah, me neither.
  10. i was only using that as an example :D

    bit about TK Maxx though, i use it all the time, recently i picked up two jackets in there for 99 euro each that i sold one on ebay 12 hours later for 350 quid and the other for 150 quid :D

    these jackets that are being talked about are also good sellers :wink: i have made a fortune over the years from the place, everything from Barbour to Paul smith, a lot of rare collectors items apear in there, if you can put up with the minkers it can be worthwhile
  11. I suppose one could send the servants in, one wouldn't be seen dead oneself, naturally.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Ah Mr Markintime old boy welcome to the upper middle class only one more leap to make it to the top.

    We in the Aristocracy of course bimble around TK Max all the time in our worn out hunter wellies covered in horse shit and our wax jackets smelling of horse piss, once we have made our purchases we toddle off out to the Legacy estate that we inherited from Pater and drive back to the other Legacy Estate that we also inherited from Pater and Mater.

    chin chin.
  13. If the poachers pockets aren't full of stale pheasant's and grouse blood then you're just a duffer and nanny wont let me play with you.
  14. Call that a knife?

    ........ that's a knife.

  15. Puff, this is a knife