TK MAXX and the Poppy Appeal

Having found out today that TK MAXX is amongst several large companies that will not be supporting the Poppy Appeal this year,although they have supported previously, I decided to pop off an email to them. From the reply I got, I thought it might be helpful to getting them on side, for next year, if more people were to express disappointment in the lack of support from TK MAXX for the appeal. The email address is
This is the response I received

Thank you for your email.I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment that we do not
support the Poppy Appeal. We do agree that this is a very honourable and worthy cause however we do try to rotate our support amongst as we did support this charity in previous years.

That said however, we will ensure that your comments are passed on to our policy makers for their consideration for the coming financial year.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us.

Kind regards,


TJX Europe Customer Service
Nice one Halo J :D

If they are rotating charity donations from fiscal year to year fair enough.

I got in touch with PoppyScotland in Aug/Sep to do some can rattling. But due to "work" won't be around for a wee bit so can't do collecting at the mo' but will do when I get back.

Edited for missing out about seven words!!!!
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