Titan, Trojan and Terrier

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by meridian, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Been reading about Titan, Trojan and Terrier in the recent PAC report on armoured vehicles

    Are they any good, an improvement or step back
    Do we have enough
    What's happening with them in the Future Force 2020 Shangri La
  2. T2 is a great idea only let down by Big and Expensive.......they are fast, powerful and well thought out on the whole, but they have put so much software on them that they keep going tits up and take an age to sort as we don't have all the rights to the software so fault finding is a nightmare to put it politely!!

    It seems that with Chieftain, if you got to the crossing site you were lucky but, if you did task completion likely.......With T2 you will get to the site before fireplan and overwatch are ready but the likelyhood of completing the task is the gamble!!!

    As for Terrier, will it ever get finished????
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  3. Ah, so Titan is an AVLB, Trojan is an AVRE and Terrier is the CET.

    They have back- hoe arms for trenching? But are mounted on the side of the machine, so how are you supposed to extend a trench more than one arms length?
  4. I can't comment on Terrier, but Trojan can dig to the front without FEE fitted quite well-though it wasn't designed for that sort of technical work. With a bit of practice the operators are quite accurate
  5. trojan arm is ****. its slow as ****
  6. FABS 5 is alot better.........probably not a great idea putting engine oil in the system!!!
  7. we did mention that in the trials....but alas...we had to make do (and we DID say why the fook have we got engine oil in a hydraulic system?) commonality blah blah blah...they don't like when you talk sense and go against the grain (-;=
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Terrier Production Standard vehicles are now on the assembly line in Newcastle.
  9. I see Terrier has just come into service but GBP 6 million per vehicle? I know this includes support infrastructure, parts, etc but it seems a hell of a lot for what is to simplify it, an armoured bulldozer. BAE strikes again I guess.
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  10. Nothing new with using engine oils in hydraulic systems; it has been an option on Caterpillar plant for years and most Komatsu heavy plant is often engineered for engine oil. The arguments for doing so usually revolve around logistics, inventory and preventing incorrect oils from being used. Many of the big plant users (mines etc) go for a single oil.

    The counter arguments lie in cost (engine oil is significantly more expensive), the fact that engine oils have detergents etc to remove combustion products whereas hydraulic oils have friction modifiers for the very small tolerances in pumps etc. Also, many hydraulic oils are bio-degradable.

    Bottom line though, provided the pumps, seals etc are engineered for engine oil, it works just as well as hydraulic oil.
  11. Just read this online.

    Remote-controlled 30-tonne digger delivered to Army - E & T Magazine
  12. Can anyone tell me how deep the Terrier's arm can dig to?