Tis time ARRSE gets a favikon...

Hi CO's etc....

I just put a favikon on my two sites... (the logo to the left of the URL)... it took an hour and put me in the company of ebay, wiki, paypal and a very few others apart from the canadian army forum.

Click here to see my Danish site (if you can see an S to the left of the URL ... that's a favikon... if not try firefox or update your explorer) ... I've done the devil on the 7-62.com site as well. And if you pull the site onto your desktop you get a full size logo hyperlink.

I admit they're not great... but it only took an hour to find out how to do them, make them, and add the html. I'll brush them up soon.

So CO's... how about a potato-head????


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Do you use BFG's Arrse toolbar? Could be the reason.


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There you go. Lovely and handy (I use the Firefox one, no clue how functional the IE one is)
The toolbar functionality is identical across Firefox & Internet Explorer.
None of them will affect the favicon display.

I intermittently get it on Internet Explorer - I always get it on Firefox.

I really, extremely, strenuously recommend that everyone gets Firfox now!
BFG 9000 said:
I really, extremely, strenuously recommend that everyone gets Firfox now!
Can't... lovely furry foxy-woxy is now a protected species... more so than Pte. 25634544.

However... I've got the new explorer and it's got hiccups... so I'm thinking of changing... I use both but find firefox annoyingly slow at startup... the few extra seconds make me boil.

So the question is... does the html need updating? This seems to work all the time: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://example.com/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon">
Depending on the version of server software running, you should only need to create an image of the correct proportions (16x16 if I recall correctly), name it favicon.ico and upload it to the root accessible folder on the server. It will then appear to the left of the url in whichever browser you are using.

This explains it a little

not wishing to moan but today the whos on arrse name list has disapeared from the left to a hodge podge at the bottom,,,i personelly find this ,very hard work when replying to people to see if they are still there,,any chance of putting it back as it was please..

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