Tirture evidence unusabe

So the Law Lords have decreed that information about terrorist acts obtained by torture is inadmissable in a UK court of law.
With terrorists being prepared to die now more than ever,do you think that unless extreme measures are used to obtain information,more innocents will die.Condi Rice denied that they fly suspects to 'other' countries for questioning but do we really know whats going on?
IF this is the case,have the septics thrown out the Geneva Convention when it does'nt suit them of have they side stepped the issue?
Storeman Norman said:
Sorry folks - we fcuked up. Spike is the man. On this site http://www.node707.com/archives/001856.shtml
I found this:

Bush directly repudiated the law on tirture and protection of detainees. He specifically said the US would no longer observe these laws and specifically said the US would no longer treat its detainees humanely.
So in effect, tirture is bad, but evidence gained through torture will still be admissable - you gotta admire the septics: turning pavements into sidewalks and nappies into diapers are one thing (technically two), but torture into tirture is a stroke of genius.
As followers of Miliitary History will know. German questioners of Allied aircrewmen downed over Der Fatherland used to get masses of info without thumbscrews, Hear'say albums and nights out with para's by the simple, stunningly clever trick of knowing things about the lucky blighter's unit, fellow crews, fellow crewmembers, home towns, OC, etc, etc, etc. Secure in the belief that Old Boche knew it all anyway they would tell any tale Boche asked about. No pain, no funny duff gen.

Maybe the useless tosser's who make up the Septic Intel world should work out where raghead land is for a start?

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