Tired of hearing complaints about claims!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Deskjockey, May 22, 2005.

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  1. If everyone learn't how to write their own names properly and could at least manage to complete the little bit we do ask you all to fill in, and attach the correct paperwork then claims might be dealt with in a more timely fashion.

    When we are handed a tea stained, crumpled piece of paper with just a name scrawled on it and "duty" in the journey details box that hasn't even been authorised, you wonder why it takes so long for it to be processed.

    Follow that examples that should be on the walls, ask for some advice, honetly now, if I have a pile of claims on my desk, I will always process the most comprehensive ones first. Its not the working out that takes the time or even the paying claim, its filling it in!
  2. Fcuk me readers, there was me thinking it was dangerous in the Infantry.

    Get some perspective.

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It would be helpful if you desk wallahs actually put out a easy to read one stop shop publication that actually informs people (a novel idea but already done by the Navy) what they can or can't claim for. Saw one such handout - written by RAO of 3 Div Sigs Reg a couple of years ago although I understand she was a signals transfer in and therefore hadn't had the full AGC indoctrination.

    The boys and girls loved it as it finally told them what they could claim for without having to deal with the "it's not your money attitude" so prevelant on the pay side of the AGC. I understand it was complained about by the AGC chain of command. I wonder why?

    You might get a little more assistance if you make life easier for the boys and girls and if they thought that things might actually get inputted quickly.

    Oh but JPA will solve all the problems as it will be soldiers job to fill all this in on line and you won't need to talk to them anymore :p .

    What's the betting we will need an post grad IT course just to find the claims section? :(
  4. other problems I have with claims is I move units a total of 300 yards to find that at the new one I cannot make the same claims GYHSA that I could before, so I got previous clerk to talk to current one, to save time, whose reply was we read it differently to them, surely the pay warrants are rules not general guides.
  5. boelynbulldog

    Ahh... and there lay the fatal step.

    They are not employed to help you, they are employed and empowered to save and keep as much money as possible. Hence why claims are difficult, forms are complicated and everyone of them has a differering opinion on what you can or can not claim.
  6. It's also not helping that the AGC Clerk now has to be an all rounder - both documentation and pay.

    Before, you had an All Arms clerk who knew how to navigate his way around the paperwork that the Army loves to generate, and knew how the unit worked, because he joined the Regiment/Corps, before becoming a clerk.

    The Pay Corps bloke knew how pay worked, what claims you were entitled to, and what he might be able to get you.

    Now you've got a tradesman with a general grasp of lots of skills, rather than the opportunity to focus on one skill and learn it well.
  7. Bulldog,

    whats the score with the GYH(SA) whats your circumstances. Maybe I can help.

    Secondly I push out monthly handouts, explains everything in plain English. Blokes love it.

    Thirdly, we are not all bad, please dont paint us with the same brush. The last comment hit it on the nail. We should stay streamlined. Now I have got to grips with pay, I have got to move over to the dark side to let a lesser experienced bloke fcuk off all the claims!
  8. PM sent
  9. I hear what you are saying but you have to understand that entitlements and form filling are challenging to some. The design and terminology of Army forms do not make it easy. I am not degrading anyones intelligence but the fact is forms are complicated, in a language understood only by those who process. Let's look at the young Infanteer who was on short notice duty, missed a meal and is told to claim. He would not know where to begin. Also, his number, rank and name may be as far as he understands. This is not degrading anyones understanding or intelligence and the Infanteer is a mere example. Fact is Deskjockey, you say you process forms that are filled in correctly first. An officer once presented me with a claim for a £1.00 bus journey taken in London. It was perfectly completed. If a young lad/girl presented me with a claim badly filled in, with a black hand history then to me, that's priority. You wrote about advice to the non-understanding. Personally, I would take the time out to verse and teach the authors of incorrect forms......first. You provide a service, so provide one. This service does not include you ticking away and moaning that the piece of paper you have requires a bit of effort on your part to get in touch with the person who submitted it. You are there to help people so help them.
  10. would you put them on here? there seams to be a general misunderstanding about all pay and allowances related issues, from LSSA to missed meals, why dont you get together with some of the other AGC ARRSE'ers and give us what they are scared to do on the army website
  11. had a forum with aprb yesterday,asked them to explain the lssa start and stop dates and couldnt do it in layman terms either