Tried the real thing in Italy last year, lovely, just got around to having a stab this weekend.

At the moment Lidl are selling Savoiardi biscuits, like little trifle sponge fingers.

Take 2- 200 gm tubs of full fat cream cheese (unless you can get hold of Marscapone )

3 eggs, separated

3 teaspoons of sugar with a few drops of vanilla added

Make up about two thirds of a mug of strong coffee and put in a flat bottomed dish, cool and add a good slug of brandy or a decent liqeur.

12- 18 savoiardi biscuits

Sifted cocoa and some decent chocolate, grated, to finish.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff.

Whisk the cheese, yolks and sugar until blended, then fold in the egg whites.

Use a fancy bowl to serve, add a little cheese mix to cover the bottom, then dip the biscuits quickly in the coffee mix, laying them out in a pattern, but not too close.

Cover with more of the cheese, then another layer of dunked biscuit, then more cheese.

It depends on the shape of the bowl, but do a dry run with the biscuits to see if 2 or 3 layers works best.

Finally sift a little cocoa on top, then clingfilm and leave all day in the fridge or overnight.

Before serving, sprinkle grated chocolate over the top.

Fabulous taste, very impressive to look at, but no cooking involved, almost impossible to screw up. It's very rich, so can serve 4- 6
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