I am thinking about joining the Royal Engineers, at the moment i need to work on the fitness any tips or pointers will be helpful.
I need to lose a bit of weight and build up muscle.
Also is there anything I should know or worry about regarding RSC and fitness test.
Keep your nose clean, do as your told and put as much effort as possible into your physical lessons. The food will not be brilliant and that combined with all the physical stuff will help with the weight loss. Maximum effort and no backchat will make you a valuable Royal Engineer. GOOD LUCK
Dont worry about weights and muscle. Cardio is the key Running and swimming should become your new best friend with circuit training to compliment. Go to your local sports centre and see what classes are on offer!
log onto the army website too. it'll give you the requirements for bft's etc
As long as your attitude is good you'll do ok. What i mean is if a reletivly unfit person gives 110% or more on everything and a fit person just cruises, who has the right attitude ?

Give it all you've got, and a little bit more and you'll do ok :)
Well, lose the weight and build the muscle....:D

Cardio and Muscle is what you want, Ideally....;) I don't mean Muscles for show either like them bodybuilding ponces who can't lift a can of beans, I mean train your muscles for weight, load carrying and the like....Road work, sit ups, press ups, MAINTAIN A HEALTHY DIET FOR THE WEIGHT LOSS, and try getting hold of a rucksak or something similar to a Bergan and get yourself used to walking at a fast pace with weight, also running with weight.....Pull ups too....

Work out a plan for the week and test yourself at the end of it, either on the saturday or sunday...

I'd say when you can run 1.5 mile in anything like 9 mins your on course.....Any other bit of Army training is in your noggin my friend....CFT's included...even the fat c*nts with strong will power do CFT's....just a nice walk...

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