Tips to improve fitness?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lw2309, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm fifteen, and will be 16 in 9 months.

    Can anybody please help me with training as I'm not sure how much i should do and how often?

    Help will be greatly appreciated :) .

    Here is a rough circuit of what I was going to try:

    Sit-ups for 2 mins
    Press-ups for 2 mins
    Pull-ups (as many as possible)
    Approx 1 hour of P.E. in school

    1 hour circuit training (light weights, press ups, sit ups, shuttle running etc)
    Approx 1 hour of P.E. in school

    1 hour rock climbing
    3 mile run
    Sit-ups for 2 mins
    Press-ups for 2 mins
    Pull-ups (as many as possible)


    5 mile jog
    Sit-ups for 2 mins
    Press-ups for 2 mins
    Pull-ups (as many as possible)

    5 mile cycle
    Sit-ups for 2 mins
    Press-ups for 2 mins
    Pull-ups (as many as possible)
    3 mile jog

    Alternate weeks, either paintball or REST DAY

    What sort of changes would you reccomend making to this circuit to help improve my fitness?

    Thanks, Luke.
  2. P.E in school is shite, well I think so anyway, you would probaly improve your fitness eating pies for an hour rather than doing P.E. If you are STARTING to get fit then I think this may be a bit to much matey BUT if you ARE fit then this should be fine. I currently run 3-4 miles a day with 2 rest days but am just recovering from knee injurys so have being of for a week.
    You said RUN in some posts but JOG in others does this mean the same or are you actually going to jog. Personally I cant jog only run :S

    If you are fit then this should be ok but if your not then this may be overdoing it. I have found out that overtraining can be bad so if your body tells you not to excerise then DONT.

    These are just my personal opinions as I am not a fitness expert.

    Good Luck :)
  3. I would say that I'm about average fitness for a fifteen year old, i agree about p.e. in school though, just wanted to add it.Sorry about any confusion i made about jogging/running, i meant running.

  4. I think, for your age - you are doing plenty

    Glad to see you have two rest days - you need time for batteries and muscles to recharge

    once youve got the basics done, just gradually increase - 3 miles for a month, then increase to 4 etc etc .

    go swimming alternate weeks in place of cycling - the weightless environment will do your young joints good
  5. You may want to add a 1.5 mile timed run aswell.
    Out of intrest do you want to join the army and if so what regiment?
  6. Ahh how I miss the days of PE in school.

    I'm in L6 now so we don't get scheduled PE time and exercise really eats into my free time.

    I like the scehdule man, and the rest days are good.

    Maybe if you can get a proper organised hour of circuit training in a leisure centre or gym it would be good.

    I find circuit training really improves my running times, it's vaired and doesn't really get boring, and there's an aspect of competition if you're doing it with others.

  7. I was planning on timing all of the runs so that i could compare them to see if there was improvement.

    I was considering a career in the royal military police or royal marines, I was reccomended this site on a navy forum.

  8. go on the army website and print off the fitness plan... failing that go on its a militaryfitness and training forum
  9. That's alright, though if you time ALL your runs you will probably see little improvement over say 3-6 weeks, because you fitness levels will go up only a little per run. This can be very demoralising, believe me I know.

    Perhaps if you time one run per week.

    OR (like I do)

    I time a 1.5 miler on say, week one, then wait until week 6 and time it again. Obviously working on my running thoughout those periods.

    The time inprovement can be large and this boosts confidence more than timing it evey day when you'll get times that hardly seem to change.

    Its really a question of morale rather than anything else.

    Do what feels good to you mate, thats just my opinion.

  10. I agree with Pantopes on what he said about time. Try and get some decent trainers to run in not £7.99 ones from shoe zone lol. So get out there time yourself on a 1.5 miler and let us know how you get on!
  11. MFAT is indeed a military fitness and training forum, but it's full of idiotic young wannabes who give out rubbish advice to other young wannabes.

    So don't believe everything you read there, a lot of it seems to come from imaginative pre-pubescents.
  12. Try an easier method

    Skip christmas overeating
    stop binge drinking
    stop smoking
    stop doing dope
    stop lounging in front of the TV
    stop eating big macs etc

    Try new things like, walking, moving slowly, carrying things, cycling.

    A much easier way to break the body in, then go for the fizz advice given above
  13. All good for general fitness but why aren't you involved in any team sports? Rugby, kissball, hockey etc all build on a fitness regime but most importantly they get you working in a team. Also dont go for timed situps, press ups etc - do reps and set yourself targets.