tips on transferring???

i have heard this can be difficult an sometimes very time consuming waithing for various parties but i have been in TA now for 5 years and am looking to transfer to RAMC i have already passed the cmt3 qualification and im in the understanding that i can re-badge and stay in my current unit as a company medic, has anyone gone through this or a similar process and shed any light for me other than that any useful advice would be welcome.


mts nts
Unless your looking for an easy job dont do it .You sit behind the ranges
in the landy .Or do radio stag in the cp .While going slowly mad.And the highlight of your year will be the annual first aid tests.
well i have had my fair share of action now in the infantry and im not as young and fit as i was wanted to stay in same battalion and company but try a different line of work and as i have already started down that line thought i might make a go of it have you transfered into ramc then woody??
Did for year became company medic quit and went back to the infantry.Better off becoming a driver unless you like sitting in landies.

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