tips on transferring???

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. i have heard this can be difficult an sometimes very time consuming waithing for various parties but i have been in TA now for 5 years and am looking to transfer to RAMC i have already passed the cmt3 qualification and im in the understanding that i can re-badge and stay in my current unit as a company medic, has anyone gone through this or a similar process and shed any light for me other than that any useful advice would be welcome.


    mts nts
  2. all Units in the army have an establishment (max number of personnel) and each person has a LSN

    Line Serial Number - in that they have vacancies / slots , and a number per slot!

    so if your unit has a slot for a Coy Medic - then apply. Within the TA it aint too big a problem, within the regs it can takes on average 4 months + to transfer. Its all in the lap of MCM Div in Glasgow.

    If your current trade is in a pinch-point (the army dont have enough of you) then you have a snowball in hells chance!!
  3. i am in the process of doing that at the mo mate was Royal Sigs for 5 years god knows how long it will take, on my CMT 3 in Jan 07, yes i am staying with the sqn that i am with and being their medic so you can do it if they have a slot available
  4. Should be a piece of cake. You speak to Adjt. Adjt writes to OPCOM HQ, HQ endorses transfer and writes to TA & Res MCM Div. MCM Div puts application at bottom of two-foot deep in-tray and gets to it in a couple of years. Transfer is actioned. Job done.

  5. cheers guys i will be getting on to my boss asap and trying to arrange a move lets hope it is quick and efficent as possible but knowing TA it will deliberatley be done the bonest and most arrsed about face way.

    mts nts
  6. well i am a ta and im doing exactly what your doing well i tried first to become the company medic. to find they already had one that no one knew about and the batallion medic was at our coy hq so i couldnt do it. so i decided to transfer to a med regiment that we share our little place with.

    i put for a transfer at the start of september. it took 5 weeks for the form to come from the coy hq to our outstation for me to sign it took until last week for it to be sent back off.

    in the mean time the regiment im going in to is letting me do the weekends and everything like that however they are refusing to pay me for them saying the regiment im coming from should. the regiment im coming from very quickly avoids the issue totally. i went to my new coy hq for a weekend and was told to sign on with them i did got back to my place and the s/sgt decided no phoned up and had my pay stopped since i put in for transfer back in september i have been paid a grand total of £9

    should have been over £250

    is that the sort of bone arsedness you mean.

    even funnier was they did their little play infantry bit asked me why i wont do the weekend being ex inf. to which i replied how can i you wont even sign me out a set of webbing on a tuesday night let alone a bergan dos bag roll matt, jet packs and a rifle and webbing.

    /rant over

    although on the plus side i am learning the skills i spent two years in the inf trying to get but no one would let me.

    TOP TIP: if transferring in ta be prepared for the mother of all admin diasaters (cant spell sorry)
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I require a course program which outlines the training of the CMT basic course. Looking at RPL and need this info to complete it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Secondly, is there a national website which has the course in detail or accreditation website would be alright as well.

  8. As you belong to Inf TA Unit - you really needed their support and permission before going on weekends and trg with Medic TA.

    The Inf has every right not to pay you - as they are your current lords and masters, and not seeing any benefit from paying you to play elsewhere

    Good luck with your transfer - any commander worth his/her salt will allow the transfer
  9. i had their permision to attend the training and to attend their weekends for pay.

    as it turns out my transfer got turned down the company that i was going into that said they needed medics as the med sqn had 2 qualified medics in the troop i was going into. they now only take qualified paramedics or people with relervent medical qualifacations (nurses) as CMT. that was 18 weeks of waiting and no pay wasted.

    well actaully not wasted because i did alot of weekedns with them and learned alot of stuff that im sure will be useful at some point.
  10. Nutter

    sorry to hear things didnt work out mate - bummer!

    at least you tried, and now have made contact with the other lot (that will come in handy sometime soon)